NPC Project Phase 2

Hey Everyone!

The NPC project has so far been a huge success. I'm really proud of how much you guys have contributed to it and towns are already looking much better because of it.

Now we're into phase 2. Those of you who watch the npc project repository (link) may have seen the addition of a new file, shopItems.json. That's right, shops are the next stage!

Over the next few days I'll get examples up onto the npc project to show how to create shopkeepers. We also want to get some rare traders spawning in the wild.

I'll let you all know when those examples are up

Launcher 1.1.42

An update to the launcher is now live. Either grab it from the download page, or if you already use the launcher, go to settings and check for update.
Hi all - Pixelmon 4.0.8, with big changes to NPCs!


You can jump in on the village project on our Github. Note we've be eventually needing new buildings too!

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The launcher will be updated with 4.0.8 the following day.
Warning, may not work with some older maps.

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Changelog | Show
New Stuff
  • Villagers are now replaced by chatting npcs - they have the basic properties of villagers and are capable of farming
  • Added 1.8 items and Pixel Utilities gems to drops

New Pokemon Models



  • Captivate no longer ignores gender
  • Added Flame Burst's double battle effect
  • Made Fire-type moves thaw frozen Pokémon
  • Relearners now spawn in village pokecenters
  • Relearners turn to watch players
  • Interaction changed for relearners, clicking with npc editor in creative mode will now remove the relearner rather than with an empty hand
  • Left clicking relearner with npc editor now deletes it
  • Added Lure Ball catch bonus
  • Added Repeat Ball catch rate bonus
  • Implemented target selectors into the pokeheal, pokegive and pokegiveegg commands.
  • Added a way to specify the co-ordinates for pokespawn
  • Added check to deal with not being able to switch Pokémon sometimes.
  • Added missing Thunder Punch TM

  • Fixed thunder stone tool's infinite enchant bug
  • Fixed Acrobatics
  • Fixed block check for Apricorns
  • Fixed Avalanche TM compatibility
  • Fixed Mantines mini-sprites
  • Fixed Copycat potentially crashing game
  • Fixed Trainer force-engage ignoring battle type setting
  • Fixed replace move screen not having move category
  • Fixed Illusion
  • Fixed opposing Pokémon genders not showing correctly
  • Fixed Ability modifiers for evasion stacking on themselves
  • Fixed Life Orb damaging for each hit of multi-hit moves
  • Fixed Protect and variants failing when used non-consecutively
  • Fixed TV particles when breaking
  • Fixed first turn sometimes skipping player turn
  • Fixed player Pokémon not always being sent out immediately in battle
  • Fixed gender showing incorrectly in battle for Shiny Pokémon.
  • Fixed Illusion nickname disguise persisting after battle.
  • Fixed Illusion not recognizing special textures.
  • Fixed move relearners/tutors crashing the game if there is no Pokémon in the first party slot
  • Fixed trainers not getting initialised correctly when created using the npc editor
  • Fixed Pokédex lang
  • Fixed Ho-Oh being obtainable from random Pokémon selection when relevant config options were disabled
  • Fixed Sun Stone tools replacing blocks

Pixelmon News 1st October

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the delay and the lack of news lately. We've been busy hunting down bugs and I've been recoding more npc stuff to get us access to translations for trainers and npcs for those running in other languages. That's all done now so we're just going through testing trying to make sure it's all working as it should before we release.

Hopefully that will be very soon!