Hello everyone.

We have he now the first of our 1.10 versions, a close-to-the-end 1.8.9 version, the new 'Pixelmon Gyms' ('Gym Wars II: Feebas Unleashed' because that's so much cooler) sidemod by one of newest peeps RysingDragon, an uppdate for the Beta Launcher (Which is now the active launcher), and an update for Pixel Auctions.

Please make sure, any bug you come across, and can consistently reproduce, report to our bug tracker, even if you're worried we've heard it before. Can't fix what we're not told about.

I said the update would be out this weekend. But I thought it'd be better to make Jamie stay up all night to add in that special little treat for you up there. Worth it? Totally. You should vote in this poll and say so -

Have fun!

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Hey all!

As you're aware we've been working hard on 1.10.2, getting bugs stamped out, and there's certainly a few more to go. We have also been working on a new 1.8.9 version, as we'll hopefully be leaving 1.8.9 in a stable state, so there's should be a few more of those to go. You can expect these tomorrow or Sunday, with any luck.

The 2 upcoming versions are considered beta, and we will certainly need as much feedback as possible to help streamline the end of 1.8.9 and the beginning of 1.10.2 - Which is a good improvement, and Sponge has already started working with it too.
Speaking of Sponge, we've been working a little closer with them now then we have in the past. The past few 4.2.x versions, and a fair few Sponge builds have been down to BloodMC, Hassan and MrM all working together to fix and improve issues that may never have been found.

Sidemods are also being updated ready for 1.10.2, that's coming along nicely. In addition, we have a new sidemod coming together to introduce teams/alliances, we'll be looking to flesh that out with some pretty cool features.

Pixelmon TCG, is now very close to going into open beta, thanks to Sam, Hy, and the Alpha testers that volunteered thier time to assist. We'll be releasing the first version of Pixelmon TCG to include the Base set, and the Jungle set - And we'll be releasing many more as we go. They'll be plenty of oppertunities for you guys to get custom coins, card art etc added into later versions too!

If you guys want to help us out, remember we're always looking for talent in models and animation. know multiple languages? Head over to our public Github repositories and help us with translating all things Pixelmon! Or, just follow our social media outlets.

Isi out!



Pixelmon News 20th July

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay on this build. As always things got a little late with some of the content I was hoping to get into this build. However we are very very nearly there!

There will be new pokemon (including the finished off set of fossils finally) and a few redone ones as well. There are also a bunch of other changes which I'll try and document as soon as the beta comes out. When it does come, we're hoping for all hands on deck to test (especially the 1.10.2 version) so we can get this fully stable as soon as possible!

Thanks for sticking with us, we'll have this to you as soon as we can,

Pixelmon News - 9th July

Hey Everyone,

Time for some more Pixelmon News! As you will have noticed we still haven't released the beta and that's mostly due to a big flurry of activity with new things being added and a new version of minecraft being moved to...

First off Jamie, our modelling head, finished his exams and found a huge list of new pokemon and reworks to start adding in so he's been getting going on those. There'll be a preview vid coming soon with some more details on what's being added. Keep a look out for that!

Next, after talks with the head of sponge, we found they are skipping 1.9.4 as it was an interim release which was quickly followed by a new version so we're doing the same. The updated version part of the beta will be coming out on 1.10.2.

There's heaps of other things going on in the dev team too including berries which are coming along quickly, though I don't think they'll make it into the beta in time. Gyms are also being added from the forums so thanks for your work on that and keep it up! We want heaps of them.

I'm really hopeful we'll get a beta to you next week. I'll be doing all I can to get it done.


More Beta News

Hey Guys,

As you will have realised we haven't released a beta yet. It's getting close but we really are waiting a bit on getting a few more gyms in and hopefully a few more pokemon. If you have a gym which isn't accepted yet please get it up to scratch and any new gyms would be appreciated.

If on the other hand you are skilled at making skins or competitive pokemon please contribute to already done gyms so they can get a good set of npcs and teams!

All hands on deck, this is going to be an exciting beta!

Beta coming soon!

I got distracted while rewriting npc code and did this:
Hope you enjoy. Hadn't touched those tags in years and they were starting to get to me. Beta is in the process of finalising the build. Hoping to get it to you all soon!

Pixelmon News - 15th June

Hi Everyone,

Lots has been happening and it's time for a bit of a recap and a look ahead!

We've had a few updates (as I'm sure you've all seen ;-) ). They haven't introduced new features but if you've looked through the change notes (as I'm certain you all have) you'll see that there has been a large number of efficiency improvements. We got some really good feedback from hassan, a friend of the mod, regarding chunk loading which led to a reduction in chunks loaded as a result of spawning, that's helped memory and cpu load a fair bit. We also had information which helped find a memory leak which was tied to sending out of pokeballs, code that has been around for years.

Alongside that we also got access to some logs from a server run by Isi, aDrives subscriber server, which got us some really helpful feedback on some persistant errors. Due in large part to Hy's excellent pixpack system we were able to run out a series of test updates onto that server to test out how our fixes were working under load. After all of that we've ended up with a much more efficient build which I hope you'll all get a lot of benefit from. Memory and cpu should be under a bit less load.

In other news. Gyms are about to be put out in beta form. We have a lot of gym submissions as structures and really need to move on them being realised in the game as full gyms with npcs. The beta will have the ability to load gyms from json files and there'll be an example gym in there to play with. I'll do my best to write up some documentation to show how to go about making those files.