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  • Replaced old schematic system with a new custom snapshot system, far more flexible won't have any placement errors and seems to be faster

  • Bug Catcher and Bug Maniac now use Steve models with the winners from the trainer skin competition
  • Updated Models - Chinchou, Lanturn, Pichu
  • Temple guardians don't spawn if mc mobs off in config
  • Increased base entity speed to fix up lack of animations
  • The setparty command now doesn't cause new moves to be selected by default. There is still the option to select new moves by using an additional argument.
  • The pokebattle command can now set a level cap on Pokémon, temporarily lowering the levels of Pokémon higher than the cap.

  • Poké Balls no longer crash on hitting non-pokemon entities
  • Pokéchests fixed
  • Trainer editor crash with unset Steve texture fixed
  • Battle log NPE fixed
  • Pokéloot sound now works
  • Fixes for item sprites
  • Fixed Diglett particles
  • Fixed a flying model look up crash
  • Switch message now in lang
  • Zapdos empty shrine now looks empty
  • Apricorns can only be placed on dirt
  • Apricorns now visible when growing past 4th stage naturally
  • Statues render at their correct size
  • Flying now works
  • Shrines now spawn in the world
  • Fixed evolution event not triggered properly on servers
  • Removed é in config
  • Fixed crashes when opening bag during battle
  • Trading bug fixed
  • Trading and battle query bug fixed
  • Attract no longer works on genderless Pokémon
  • Recoil damage up rounds up to 1
  • Rapid Spin fixes
  • Fixed partial trapping
  • Multistage moves now update PP correctly
  • Fix to critical hits with special attacks
  • Fixed team and global statuses not ticking down if Pokémon faints
  • Taunt no longer persists after switching
  • Baton Pass now passes volatile statuses
  • Fixed NPE with Forewarn and switching


Pixelmon News - March 24

First up, congratulations goes to Ren for winning the first ever Pixelmon trainer skin competition. Was a tight fought contest. Her prize will be added to the mod in an upcoming update!

Here's the winning submission:
You'll see it and all the other top 5 submissions in the next beta release.

Secondly, there'll be a new pixelmon beta coming out soon, our replacement for schematics is finished and working really well. Much better than the old so that's a great bit of progress!

There'll be a new trainer skin competition starting next monday. Stay tuned to find out more!

Forgot to mention, Isi has put up a submission thread for any content you guys would like to submit to our downloads page, be it resource packs, side-mods or pixpacks.

Check it out over here
Hey guys,

Thanks heaps for your entries into the trainer skin competition.
5 top entries have been chosen and now we are going to a poll so you can decide which is most worthy of winning!

All top 5 entries will make it into the game but the winning entry's creator will receive a prize unobtainable by any other method!

SO here are the 5 top entries (in no particular order):
1. Male trainer by Ren
Link to post
2. Beekeeper by Skyligh
Link to post
3. Male trainer by Layth
Link to post
4. Super bug catcher by TheSableye
Link to post
5. Female trainer by Ren
Link to post

Poll is up now - Click here!
Next competition will start next week! Thanks for your participation!