Hi Guys,

Been thinking about doing this for a while. Basically we want this website to be a place where people come to chat about all things Pixelmon and whatever else they may want. I've been trying to keep content up on this site to make it interesting to come back to, plenty of posts and trying to keep up conversation on the forums but I find that I'm a bit too inconsistent in this. Mainly that's due to the fact that I code all the time and coding is the sort of occupation that makes it hard to focus on other things. As a result, when I get into a particular piece of code all thoughts of other things go out of my mind and I become very tunnel visioned.

Anyway, this is where you can help! What I'd love is to have a group of people who take on the responsibility of keeping things interesting here, that could mean a wide range of things from posting on the blog to moderating and starting conversations on the forum to managing a suggested features list in a way that makes it usable for us devs. The possibilities are endless and I don't really want to spell them all out as what I'm looking for is people with their own ideas on these things.

If you are interested, pm me with a little bit about you, an example of an idea you might have and why you think you should be on this team. I'll respond to everyone as I have time!

Really looking forward to hearing from you all!


Like PixelShirt? Pretty cool right? Why not grab one over from represent.com?


Note: If we do reach the goal, we'll definitely do this again. So why not throw some ideas down below too?

Pixelmon News 21st November

Hey Everyone,

I hope you've been enjoying the 4.1 beta! We put heaps of work into that and I hope it shows. A bug fix will come out soon to fix what we know about, if there are bugs we don't know about please report them so we can fix them too :-)

I've been taking a little time off to recover a bit (the frantic work up to release always takes a bit out) but I'll be looking ahead to my next objective and will probably want some input on that so be on the lookout in the next few days.

I'll also be looking to do some other community wide stuff and we have plans for website development and more pokemon (as you might have seen from Chris Geddes's recent twitter post)

If you have some feedback on what you like about 4.1, how shopkeepers work for you and all that sort of thing we'd love to hear it, always keen to know if we've hit the mark or what we can do to improve the experience!

Hi guys, so ItemFinder has been out a while and has a decent amount of downloads, i feel now is a good time to ask for some feedback on it

What items would you like to see appear as loot (from Pixelmon only)?
Do any of the item rarities need tweaking? (ie masterballs too rare, pokeballs not rare enough)
Where should loot appear/not appear? currently the evolution stones appear in semi-relevant places, ie fire in desert temples, grass in jungle temples, etc

Thanks for using the mod, if it gains enough popularity some pre-configured stuff may get added into Pixelmon itself :-o