Hey Guys,

With the pokemon poll and 4.0.4 it seems there weren't as many entries into this competition. We have selected a top 4. These were the entries we thought strong enough to make it into the mod. Well done those who made it in.

Here they are:
1. Fisherman by sebastijan08
Link to post

2. River Fisherman by GhostXavier
Link to post

3. Boat Fisherman by GhostXavier
Link to post

4. Old Codger by Molly
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Poll will run for 7 days.
Link to poll
Cool stuff. We have the Wiki integration on the go, PC boxes now configurable, load Pokemon textures from resource packs. S'all good.

This is a recommended release, servers should start looking to sponge, and what they're doing to update.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.

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Changelog | Show
  • Pokedex item replaced with interface element (default key I)
    • Pointing at a pokemon entity and pressing I will open the pokedex gui with that pokemon selected
    • From the pokedex a lookup wiki button will open up the pixelmon wiki for that pokemon
    • Holding an item and pressing I (if not looking at pokemon) will open Pixelmon or Minecraft wiki appropriately for that item
    • Looking at a block (if neither of the above 2) will open Pixelmon or Minecraft wiki for that block
  • Added Oshawott trainer texture



  • Added Avalanche
  • Added Ingrain
  • Added Magic Coat
  • Added Metal Burst
  • Fixed U-turn/Volt Switch when target faints
  • Memento bypasses Magic Bounce
  • Fixed Aqua ring message if user already has it
  • Fixed toxic spikes being able to be used 3 times
  • Fixed battle crash with smack down
  • Spikes and Toxic Spikes affect baton passed smack down
  • Fixed NPE in flinch
  • Fixed transform battle crash on servers
  • Fixed transformed pokemon flickering

  • Can now set the amount of boxes players can have

  • Can now put any item into a custom pokeloot
  • Roasted pokemon are now caused by lightning strikes
  • Activation distance for external moves used on entities is now variable
  • Pokemon targetting another pokemon (for initiating battle) have a lower range
  • Pokemon textures will now load from any resource packs (not just the base pixelmon one, includes shinies, roasted etc)
  • Added message when using Splash
  • Changed next and previous pokemon default keys to up and down on keyboard

  • Fixed experience not saving
  • Elekid model now renders properly
  • Removed possiblity of duplicate pokemon entities in wild pokemon initiated pokemon battles. Stops pokemon un-fainting after battle
  • Can no longer delete all pokemon moves in pokechecker to generate new ones
  • Fixed null check in battle camera
  • Fixed Rocky Helmet crashing battle
  • Added bounds check when switching pokemon
  • Fixed anger point and rattled affecting wrong pokemon
  • Gligar/Gliscor learn rock climb via HM
  • Chagned Poke ball engage config option default to false
  • Fixed unown not learning hidden power
  • Pokedex now scrolls to correct entry

Pokemon Poll Time!

Hi guys.

With the release of 1.8 well underway, we thought it was time to bring back an old favourite: pokemon polls!

Since Gen II has been completed the next poll will be for 3 different set of fan favourites from Gen III:

Seviper and Zangoose
Poochyena and Mightyena
Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir

Poll will run for a week, and the winner will be added in the update after the poll ends. These polls will happen weekly and will help give us some guidance on who to focus on. We'll choose pokemon that have models and textures already but not necessarily any animations and once we have our answer we'll make sure those animations are awesome!

Let your friends know. Get them all to vote for your favourites (though please no creating duplicate accounts, we've banned for that in the past)


Link To Poll
Hey Everybody!

Edit: My mistake on this. Got caught up with 4.0 and the last trainer competition winner didn't get announced
ZeldaMC won the last trainer competition by some margin with the brilliant Zangoose skin:

Now that Pixelmon 4.0 is out of beta it's time for another trainer skin competition! I've been really impressed with the quality of the skins that we have received so far and they look fantastic in game, a big step up from what we had!

This competition is one of the old faithful trainer types, the fisherman!

Only male entries are allowed this time round and I've expanded the rules a bit to make our stance on copyright a little more clear.

What we are looking for:
- A custom steve texture for a fisherman
- Male
- Something unique and interesting
- Must be all your own work. We will not allow any work in which has copied all or some part of an existing skin (made by someone else). No exceptions.

How to present your texture:
Get us a picture of your texture on a steve model, there are a bunch of sites that let you upload textures and show them on a model or alternatively set it as your player texture and get us some screenshots of that.

The prize:
Winners of the trainer competition (and other future competitions) get added to the trainer competition former group. Being part of that group unlocks a certain set of items in game (including some donator items). The first items are the hats which are at this point exclusive to competition winners and there are more things in the work (squirtle squad still coming...)

Competition runs for 7 days. Finished Midday Wednesday(my time)

If you want to use the new 1.8 texture format that is also acceptable so you can have more interesting textures on legs and arms

Guide on skins by Pixeldip - viewtopic.php?f=85&t=18746