Pixelmon 5.0.2

Hi there!

Pixelmon 5.0.2 has been released!

After several years of Mega Evolution requests, we've finally pushed out the first batch! This includes Mega Evolutions of all the Kanto starters and the mechanics behind obtaining and using Mega Evolution. This includes a shiny new Mega Ring accessory and changes to boss Pokémon. The wiki will be updated with these details shortly (or you could go explore yourself too).

Not to be overshadowed, the equally highly requested NPC Gyms are now in full force! A bunch of new Gyms (submitted by players like you!) can now spawn around towns. Of course, the spoils of war include Badges, so go out and train for this new challenge! Careful, as these Gyms are not quite as easy as the pre-existing Grass Gyms used to be. Note that Gyms can only spawn in newly generated chunks, so if you have an existing world, you will need to either find new chunks or use the /struc command to spawn some Gyms into your world.

As always, we have a large amount of other changes and additions. All Pokémon drops have been changed, and a new screen has been added for you to view these drops after a battle. Deoxys can now change its form using the new Meteorite item, and there are also a couple of new decorative blocks to build with. Check out all of the new changes in the Pixelmon changelog.

On the server side, those of you who have dabbled in external JSON files will be happy to know that messing up a file will no longer cause all of your NPCs to sudden disappear. We've also added some config settings that may be of interest to players who've run into problems with external moves and Apricorns. The /pokespawn and /pokegive commands have received overhauls to increase their customizability.

Remember, if you are using the Pixelmon launcher and already have Pixelmon 5.0.1 installed, you can download a patch file to update to Pixelmon 5.0.2 instead of downloading the entire Pixelmon jar file. This patch file is much smaller in size and will download much more quickly.

Note to server owners: Both Gyms and the new boss Pokémon have made heavy changes to external JSON files. If these files are enabled, you will need to integrate the new changes into your external JSON files (or vice versa). Check out the Pixelmon updating guidelines and external JSON files wiki pages for assistance. We are also active on Discord if you need extra help integrating changes.

Have fun!
-The Pixelmon Team

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Pixelmon News March 11th

Hey there!

Short news to let you know what's been happening around pixelmon lately. I'd been hoping to have a release done by this weekend and was working hard on revamping the drops system to have it ready in time but it'll take a couple days longer than I'd hoped. We will have a release out to you all very soon and I can say that it's an extremely exciting one.
There'll be plenty of hype around this release and expect to see plenty of pictures and videos. If you want to see what we're working on check out the Upcoming Version page on the wiki.

The wiki is a great place to go if you are interested in any pixelmon related information. Want to see the stats/moves/abilities of the pokemon you just captured, want to see how to craft pokeballs or use external moves or do you want to customize every aspect of the pixelmon experience? Then go to the wiki! Some Body works very hard to keep it all up to date and relevant and he does a wonderful job!

I had a new child recently so I've had to shuffle around my sleep schedule so that I still get enough good time to work on pixelmon and it's been a difficult time but I am very excited to share the stuff we've been working on you. It'll be coming really soon!

Hey Everyone,

ZeeCount has been at it again, here's the official release of "The Great Plains". Some wonderful plains-themed music. I had the privilege of singing on this one (I'm one of the choir) and it was a pretty fun experience. This track was included in the last release of Pixelmon.

Our next update is taking shape and it's going to be a big one. Heaps of cool stuff coming for it and I'm really looking forward to getting it to you as soon as we can!


Valentines Day Sidemod


Hello, Pixelmon Trainers!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Pixelmon Team brings you a new server-side mod rolling out for you all! The Valentine’s Day sidemod is active only on this year's Valentine's Day, creating heart particles that swirl around online players and allows them to mail Rare Candy Grams to other players. These can only be sent once per player, and contain 10 Rare Candies! These Rare Candy Grams cannot be sent to the same player using the command because we all can and should spread the love around.

Click here to download the Saint Valentines sidemod for 1.10.2!

  • /ToggleVEffect – valentines.command.toggleveffect – This command toggles the heart particles for the player using the command.
  • /ToggleVEffectAll – valentines.command.toggleveffectall – This command toggles the heart particles for the entire server.
  • /CandyGram <Player> - valentines.command.candygram – This command lets the player send a Rare Candy Gram to another player!

Pixelmon OST - Clear Skies

Hey Everyone!

ZeeCount has finished up another great piece of music for the pixelmon soundtrack. This time it's themed around flying pokemon and you'll find it in game from 5.0 onwards!

If you want to support his work head on over to his patreon and check out what's happening over there:



Been working on evolution as we need to be able to extend the evolution animation so it can work in battle and for all people watching. This is the result so far: