Hi all! Welcome to 6.6.6 (which is 3.3.3, but this is fun) an out of beta, recommended release. Well, it is a Hallows update. There's a spooky NPC you all need to meet to be on your way questing for the secret Pokemon!

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Singleplayer users - Use /halloween to get started. As your world generates special new structures will appear. You'll need to find them all!

Server Admins - Use /halloween persistent to spawn The Spectral Jeweller permanently, where players can then be on their way and not worry about not being able to find the NPC. Note you will have to generate new land to get the new structures. (If you're snazzy enough that you're using WorldBorder, just extend the world by some amount, like a cool ten thousand. When you want the event to end, just set the border back and trim the world. And don't forget a WorldGuard notifier to remind players you might trim that extra land.)

The first 5 people to beat MrM at a game of DotA2 on an Australian server to guess how many dittos in this jar can keep the special haunter texture to appear on any Haunter the own on any server on 3.3.3 and up. Place your answer in this thread.


And a second chance to keep the texture? Sure! Guess the levels of one of these Pokemon, they're all ordinary. Place your answer in this thread.

All 6 split up | Show

You must have your Minecraft character added to your profile to win this, we don't want to have to message you for usernames. Our staff can't win this by the way, so there's no favoritism. And the only people who know the answers are currently locked away until the end of the event.

New Stuff | Show
  • Added Aipom Modeled and textured by Zero_Breaker - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Teddiursa and Ursaring Modeled and textured by Joshua_DA - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Smeargle Modeled and textured by Edeodin - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Skarmory Modeled, textured and animated by Karrybird

New Voices by David Adam

Tweaks | Show
  • Breeding now uses correct legendary egg configuration option (not spawning option)
  • PC doesn't clear as often
  • Reduced packets for PC
  • Computer can now work in fully offline mode
  • Ranch checks for player being online before creating entities
  • Trainers no longer try to initiate battle when trainer editor is in hand
  • Moved all NPCs onto shared renderer via INPC

Fixes | Show
  • Null Pointer Exception fix
  • Configuration descriptions fixed
  • Fixed Pokechecker rename checks
  • Fixed right click and throw TM exploit for using a TM more than once
  • Asleep/paralyzed Pokemon, bosses and trainer Pokemon cannot flee
  • Trainers no longer spam a ton of Pokemon in some cases
  • Fixed Shell Bell and modified methods for postProcessAttack
We have a new beta for your enjoyment. What's new? Pokemon, of course. Some items, including 2 not-so-Pokemon items that will actually allow you to fast track breeding. (Unobtainable, creative or spawning only) Also a bunch of berries, abilities and fixes.

The following must be noted by both server owners and single player users
If you update to this version, you will not be able to downgrade with the world that was updated. A change in the item system means that they'll be no longer recognized by previous versions. It is HIGHLY recommended that you take a backup of your world before updating, should you happen to decide that you want to downgrade.

Changes to ranch blocks will cause existing ranch blocks to stop working, so it is recommended to remove all ranch blocks before updating. If you have already updated before removing the ranch blocks, use the /unlock playername command to reclaim any locked Pokémon from the old ranch blocks.

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New Stuff | Show
  • Added Cleffa Modeled and textured by HowlingCoyote - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Delibird Modeled and textured by Zero_Breaker - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added HootHoot and Noctowl Modeled and textured by Joshua_DA - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Remoraid and Octillery Modeled and textured by Edeodin and Josecami - Animated by ZeeCount
  • Added Qwilfish Modeled and textured by Gilbert12889 - Animated by Il_Lupo



  • Config option added for player list
  • Added config option to disable starter screen
  • Added config option for steps per egg cycle
  • Breeding parameters are now all configurable

  • Added new action key for Pokemon 'lock on and fire'
  • Add a bunch of events for the Enjin Pixelmon Sidemod
  • Updated drops for all the recently added Pokemon
  • Added unlock command to release locked Pokemon

Tweaks | Show
  • Moved breeding over to a world time tick so that if the block is unloaded or the player is offline the Pokemon will still go through breeding steps
  • Changed all spaces in registrations to underscores
  • Wild Pokemon heal upon battle start
  • Eggs no longer can be sent into battle
  • Move PP now shows properly when inspecting a Pokemon
  • Ores now glow!
  • Make tab menu act like the original
  • Added targeting GUI and packet support
  • If a player has no able Pokemon they won't be targeted by aggressive Pokemon
  • Player List buttons centered
  • Mob Spawners will now only spawn pigs
  • Pokeball tweaks
  • Added missing overrides for updating to 1.8
  • Added an off switch to Spawners when spawn number set to 0 to force them not to operate
  • Reset breeding time on egg creation
  • Clicking on a non-Pixelmon entity or block will clear action target
  • Telling Pokemon to start battles with players will now bring up query
  • Can now start battles with player owned Pokemon
  • Ranch blocks now extended out to having a base class and 2 extended classes for Multiplayer Ranch blocks
  • Added correct standing and flying offsets for Noctowl
  • Now overlapping inheritance doesn't occur (HP from mother + HP from father)
  • Both held power items are used for inheritance, unless they are the same than random parent chosen
  • Trainer editor screen now takes only English move names for a Pokemons moves as there is no reverse look up in lang for other languages
  • Updated French Translation
  • Updated Chinese Traditional Translation

Fixes | Show
  • Fix to broken logic in ranch block, Ranch blocks now break as they should
  • Fixes to the Mechanical Anvil
  • Shift-Click fix for the Mechanical Anvil
  • Fix to eggs counting cycles down every step
  • Crash Fix for Player list
  • Facade Fix
  • Fixed Icicle crash to physical
  • Fixed Pokeball animations
  • Fixed up some aggression settings for after battle end
  • Fixed /breed command slot recognition
  • Moved intPercent for passing down ability to a variable
  • Fix the long going super speedy Pixelmon when animal spawning is disabled
  • Updated references to EntityPixelmon for models (Statue fix)
  • Friend ball fixed up
  • Fixed loss of the originalTrainer tag if a Pokemon was in a ranch block
  • Fix to crash on battle query screen with GS Ball
  • Fixed up some initiate battle message translation issues
  • Fixed up player targeting head location
  • Fix to translations in the Pokedex and survival inventory right click
  • Fixed being able to self target

In addition, we also have 4 sidemod releases : -

Global Trade Station | Show
Global Trade StationPreviously developed by an external developer, now integrated and made official.
Made for servers, this mod will allow command based trade searching.

Wiki Page

Video incoming!

PixelPoints | Show
Enjin Website - PixelPointsThis is made for servers that use Enjin to build their websites.

Simply add your Enjin API key into the config, and configure the available events in there, then whenever a player who has their character linked to their Enjin account, you can add or remove Enjin points. Built using the Enjin API.

Wiki Page

Video incoming!

Pixelmon Extras | Show
Pixelmon Extras - Server CommandsBuilt for servers, also usable in single player.

Just a collection of useful commands that for a while have been requested.

Wiki Page

Video incoming!

Trainer Commands | Show
Trainer Commands - Make Trainers execute commands!Built for servers, also usable in single player.

Using this, you'll be able to set trainers to run a command on a win or lose. (Win and loss at the perspective of the Trainer)

Wiki Page

Video incoming!

The Great Legendary Poll!

Here it is, your chance to get your voice heard in a new poll for Pixelmon!
We want to know which legendary we should add next... Poll will run for 14 days and at the end of it we'll add the winning legendary.

Get all your friends to vote too for your favourite pokemon!

We've heard your feedback!

Hey Everyone,

Been working on breeding following the feedback received from my last post. This is what I've done:

  • Breeding time is now completely configurable including number of stages before egg creation.
  • Breeding will continue to occur even if the tile is unloaded or if the player is offline on a server (won't continue in single player if the game is shut down).
  • The environment conditions for breeding can be turned off in the options
  • The ranch upgrade item can be completely removed if so desired

We'll have this update out as a beta by the end of the week!

Wanting Breeding feedback

Hey Guys,

I've posted a topic over on the "Development Discussion" forum section asking for feedback on how breeding is going. Please put your feedback in. The more the better!

Hey guys,

We've added a quick fix to 3.3.1 for the riding issue. Please re-download it to get the fix!

Something else MrM forgot to mention earlier -

- The SpawnofPsyduck sidemod now supports Biome O' Plenty! Complete with a pregenerated list of Pixelmon spawns for the additional biomes

- The mod Schematica is now fully compatible with Pixelmon!

Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

Issue Tracker : -Bug Tracker

Schematica :- Minecraft Forums

Update : The website is soon to be updated. During the update, the forum will be locked and you may experience connection issues while the domains propogate. We do not expect this to take more than 24 hours.

Happy breeding!
Hey Guys,

We have a new beta for your enjoyment. It's mostly just breeding fixes but also brings in a couple of new abilities and a new piece of equipment for you all to enjoy. The new machine is the mechanical anvil. It doesn't have a recipe yet but will in our non-beta breeding release but it lets you make lids without having to go through the labour intensive part of hammers and anvils. It won't be cheap in the final version (will need a diamond hammer among other things) but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

A full changelog is available on the downloads page.

Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

Issue Tracker : -Bug Tracker

Also, in the next week there'll be a new website coming online for pixelmon. Isi and his team have been building this from the ground up and will really unite all the areas of the site together along with being far more pleasing on the eye and easier for us to maintain. Here are some sneak peeks:



Hey everyone!

Apologies for this taking longer than it should've, we had an issue with some missing files, but we found them. Obviously clefairy ran off with our files, how mean!

Pixelmon 3.3.0 is a beta. Now while we'd usually not recommend betas, this is pretty well done. That being said, if you're brave enough to update, or update your servers, please use our issue tracker and keep us up to date with the bugs!

Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

Issue Tracker : -Bug Tracker

<3, Isi