Hey Guys,

Thought I'd do a couple of posts detailing a bit of what was in the last beta release. First off vbo.

Clienthax, one of our devs was playing around with the obj renderer and thought he'd try implementing vbo, something minecraft is using in 1.8. a VBO is a Vertex Buffer Object and what that simply mean is that instead of a vertex array (think mesh or object) being stored on the pc's main memory and then written up to the graphics card a triangle at a time, the mesh is instead stored in the graphics card's memory and then written straight from there.

The advantages of this are pretty obvious and the results are actually pretty impressive. After implementing the same thing for smds (with tweaks as smd's vertex arrays aren't static) we both got a boost of 20-30% when rendering pokemon models.

If your graphics card supports vbo I suggest you go to the minecraft options and enable them!

There is no impact at all on the overall look of any of the models either way round.

Up Next - External Moves
1.8 stuffs, lots of stuffs. All the stuffs.

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Changelog | Show

External Moves
  • Added Light Fire
  • Added Thunder Bolt
  • Added Dig
  • Added Forage (All Pokemon, different types work on different types of blocks for different results)
  • Added Teleport/Fly
  • Added Explode
  • Added Rock Smash






  • Added Sandstorm raising Rock type's Special Defence
  • Added chat message if battle crashes
  • Rearranged order of end-of-turn effects occurring
  • All moves disabled now cause Pokémon to use Struggle
  • Setting Trainer Pokémon levels higher than default (boss or manual) sets HP to maximum correctly
  • Evolution now scales up remaining HP like levelling up does
  • Added failure message for Focus Energy
  • Moved held item end-of-turn effects after statuses
  • Anger Point now maximizes Attack ignoring Attack drops
  • Anger Point activates immediately rather than at the end of the turn
  • Anger Point does not show a message if the Pokémon’s Attack is already maximized
  • Prevented Pokémon from having nicknames with ‘%’
  • Added message when players use items in battle (Potion, Revive, etc.)

  • Added Mantyke evolution method
  • Damaging moves don't status fainted Pokémon
  • Various fixes for trainer editor and Steve textures
  • Can no longer place levers and torches on Apricorn trees
  • Fixed fixed-damage moves bypassing Focus Sash/Band and Sturdy
  • Fixed ranch block ignoring non-solid blocks
  • Fixed random burns
  • Fixed Trainer Pokémon not giving experience besides the last Pokémon
  • Fixed Abilities in PokéChecker not updating correctly after evolving or ending a battle with a changed Ability
  • Fixed return held items with Pokémon without items
  • Fixed Trainer and wild Pokémon retaining held items given to them
  • Fixed Leech Seed healing wrong Pokémon
  • Fixed Transform not changing Pokémon's model
Hey Guys,

Congratulations again, this was the best set of entries we had yet. In the end it came down to a couple of criteria:
1. They had to look young and distinct
2. They had to be obviously of that class

Because of 2 we ended up not selecting the 2 pokemon costume skins even though they were amazing. However there'll be a pokefan competition soon and they'll be perfect for that so don't get rid of them!

Anyway, here we go. 6 entries starting now! (6 entries because I wanted a 2nd girl skin and there were so many good boy skins available)

1. The Spoiled Brat - Osidien
Link to post

2. Cool youngster boy- xRealmDragonx
Link to post

3. Hooded blue buy- Layth
Link to post

4. Youngster Girl- TheCookiesCrumble
Link to post

5. Blue girl with large eyes- juanjomblast
Link to post

6. Hatted youth - Skyflare
Link to post

Poll is up here (or click on title)
Good luck to all the chosen winners!
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your submissions for the last competition. Sky2008 was the winning submitter and will recieve his prize in the full release of pixelmon 4.0 (coming soon).

It's a great skin and well deserving of the win!

Next competition starts now and is the youngster! Time to add some kids to the mod! Can be male and female, we'll create a sub-class for females so that the names line up right.
Top 5 or so entries will go into the game, top voted entry will get a prize (we're still working on the prize but it will be good!)

What we are looking for:
- A custom steve texture for a youngster trainer
- Something unique and interesting

How to present your texture:
Get us a picture of your texture on a steve model, there are a bunch of sites that let you upload textures and show them on a model or alternatively set it as your player texture and get us some screenshots of that.

The prize:
The best texture (decided by poll) will recieve a unique in-game reward (we are tempted by the idea of squirtle squad but as of yet that is undecided, sash was decided against)

If you want to use the new 1.8 texture format that is also acceptable so you can have more interesting textures on legs and arms

Guide on skins by Pixeldip - viewtopic.php?f=85&t=18746