• The search for Braviary - new vid

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    Posted on Sep 01 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon 3.2.6

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    People, and not people,

    Pixelmon 3.2.6 for your... use.

    This is a recommended version. Enjoy a video too!

    Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

    Issue Tracker : - Bug Tracker

    <3, Isi
    Posted on Aug 29 2014 By Isi

  • Pixelmon 3.2.5 Release - Quick fix

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    Hey Guys,

    3.2.4 was meant to be our stable update but it turned out there were a couple of small issues to address so here we are a couple of days later with 3.2.5. Primarily it moves fleeing from battle to the config and is off by default. Also fixed are some issues with persistent flying pokemon not flying and statues not working. Changelog and download can be found over on our downloads page. Enjoy!

    Posted on Aug 24 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon 3.2.4 - The Biggest Pixelmon Update Ever!

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    Ladies, Gentlemen, and whatever common nicety you'd prefer to be labelled as,

    Pixelmon 3.2.4 containing something big.

    This is a recommended version.

    Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

    Issue Tracker : - Bug Tracker

    Edit, this is also the version the the Safeplace side-mod begins to work, grab that on the downloads page.

    <3, Isi
    Posted on Aug 22 2014 By Isi

  • Charity to TheCrystalCrow

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    Hey all,

    We just jumped in to help out TheCrystalCrow

    Please help out if you can!

    Twitter Post

    Click to donate!

    Posted on Aug 18 2014 By Isi

  • Pixelmon - Yogscast - Trailer

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    Fan-made, but by a member of the Pixelmon Team. Hmmmmmm.

    Posted on Aug 17 2014 By Il_Lupo

  • Pixelmon Mascot?

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    Hey there, Pixelmon fans! A secret project is currently underway, and we need your opinions; what do you consider to be the mascot Pokemon of Pixelmon? Post your answers below, and they may be considered for use in the secret project!

    (Note: No, Lucario is not an option.)
    Posted on Aug 17 2014 By Il_Lupo

  • Sidemod: SafePlace

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    Small sidemod release, useful for mapmakers and server owners.

    Downloads Page

    Isi <3
    Posted on Aug 14 2014 By Isi

  • Pixelmon Battle Arenas... We need your help!

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    Hey guys,
    For about a year I've been playing with a concept for pixelmon that I never really got going. It's this...

    Instead of battling in the main world, to transport you to another location for a battle then transport you back. The reason for it is that it would let us control pokemon and camera positioning and animation in ways that're just not possible in a randomly generated world filled with hills and caves. The possibilities it would grant are huge...

    Anyway, over that 6 months I've been playing with a prototype of it but there were heaps of major bugs or it was just too slow to be practical (after all it would only work if it felt seamless) but over the last month I started getting good ideas for it and made some real progress. Here is my latest test:

    As you can see it's working pretty well. All the major stuff is in place though a little work needs to go into positioning and heaps of work into the camera. But this is where you come in. I want hundreds of schematics for battle arenas, at least 3 for every biome and other situations (like in the sky or underground) so that it feels random and varied when you do battles. We have set up a forum where you can submit arenas, at this stage we want them submitted through sketchfab as that will let us see them and explore them in 3d before getting them as schematics. As I approve them I'll provide information about what I need to implement them in game.
    Here's the test one I made:

    Thanks for your time,
    Posted on Aug 11 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Now for the Item Poll!

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    Hey guys!

    Next up for polls is Vitamins vs Battle Items.

    A week long poll again, choose wisely!

    Isi <3
    Posted on Aug 11 2014 By Isi