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By acekidash
#197612 This is a great server for anyone looking to play some casual Pixelmon or for anyone who’s into the competitive battle part of Pokémon. If you’re not into battling, fret not, because there are many many other things for you to do here. Come join us, make some new friends and memories. :-)
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By Yutolio
#197619 I started playing this server with a small group of friends of mine, we were new to the pixelmon mod and this server. The server offered us a warm hospitality since the beginning though ,the staff is great and always helpful, lots of quests,regions and cities make this the best server!
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By perpterds
#197822 Pixelmoncraft is a pretty cool server. (most) of the people are easygoing and helpful, and the staff is generally pretty responsive. The server seems to be fairly stable too (big deal for me), which is great as I'm playing from across the ocean. As long as you aren't rude and mind the rules, it's a great place for all, even if you're new to minecraft and/or pixelmon
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By pietarus
#197824 i love this server, the perfect plase to go when you dont know what to do, the community is verry nice and the staff tries as hard as possible to help you i have encounterd some glitches 2 days later they were fixed! awesome job! i really recomend this server.
By Jorra
#197825 I've been playing on this server for 2 maybe 3 years now and i still greatly enjoy it. There are people from all corners of the world and they make a great community. The staff is very helpful and if you got a problem there is always someone ready to help you. Whether you are a new player or have been playing for years, i'd definitely recommend checking this place out.

- Jorra
By Iceblock80085
#197826 Great server, most people are helpful and will help anyone out. There is plenty of staff members that are on all the time that wont hesitate to answer any of your questions, the server has grown alot and is really worth playing on. The perks of donating and spending money on the server too make you feel like your money has been spent well. Overall ive been playing for over 3 years now and im still here so its gotta be doing something right :)
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By Sjl101
#197827 nearly two years ago me and my friend Pyrosharkz stumbled across this server through their Atlauncher modpack, and to this day we still connect at least once a week to play a bit of pixelmon. the staff are kind and helpful, always there to lend a hand, the owner of the server is on regularly fixing any problems the server may be having. overall one of the best servers i have ever found, even enough to encourage me to buy of their website.

IGN: Sjl101
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By ItsTheDeadGuzma
#197828 Hello. So Lemon basically said if anyone does a review on the server we'll get 1k points and coins. So here I am. I figured out about this server when I was scrolling through modpacks on ATLauncher and saw PixelmonCraft. I really don't like playing singleplayer (it's boring for me) and I went on multiplayer instantly. Then I saw Kanto and clicked on it. This was definitely fun, although there were some issues like endless starters and double click PC crash but then the 1.10.2 server came. This version is much more stable than the previous version, and it was definitely a blast getting so much more Pokemon than in the previous server. I think that should be enough, cheers!