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By SnowBlitzz
⛏⛏⛏ Server IP: ⛏⛏⛏
❤❤❤ Website: ❤❤❤
♚♚♚MirageCraft Pixpack: Click Me♚♚♚
▶︎▶︎▶︎Installation Guide: Click Me◀︎◀︎◀︎
Discord: Join now! ✦✦✦


Join one of the oldest living Pixelmon communities out there with a 3 years record and running! MirageCraft is not just a Pixelmon server, it's also a family. We at MirageCraft strive to bring this awesome mix of Minecraft and Pokémon to our players. We offer a multitude of features to improve the general player experience, such as:

⛏ Zero Lag: The server runs on one of the best hardwares out there, so expect it to never go through any form of lag.

⛏ Survival Elements: Seeing as Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod, we shouldn't forget about what makes survival a fun experience!

⛏ KeepInventory: In case of death, your inventory and its contents will still be intact, so fear not!

⛏ Increased Spawn Rate: Expect to be showered by Pokémon with a spawn rate 6-7 times higher than the default! If that's not enough, look at our next feature.

⛏ Safari Zone: Gotta catch 'em all! Right? The Safari Zone has plenty of uncommon-to-rare Pokemon for you to catch! The best part is, they will keep on spawning so you never run out of Pokemon.

⛏ Level 10 Starter: The server provides the typical beloved starter choices with a slight level boost to facilitate new players!

⛏ Various Events: The server has a continuous string of running events to ensure players can have new fun experiences! Capture competitions, breeding competitions, building competitions, tournaments, etc. We never run out! On top of that, we also have...

⛏ Earnable Ranks: We have different ranks you can earn from filling up your pokedex and winning events. We also have a rank for people who complete the Gyms and have defeated the Elite4 and Champion, which happens to be our next feature.

⛏ Gyms and Elite4: Up for some challenges? We have challenging Gym Leader NPCs, and more challenging Elite4 and Champion NPCs. Show the server how strong of a trainer you are by bringing home the victor rank.

⛏ Pokemon Riding: Soar through the blue skies and dive under the deep oceans with your beloved Pokemon! Exploring the world has never been more fun!

⛏ Legendary Spawning: Legendaries are Pokémon desired by many, and here you can catch them! That's not enough? A lot of our events give Legendary Pokemon as prizes.

⛏ Friendly Staff: Our staff team is carefully picked from the most active, friendly, and helpful members of the community!

⛏ Great Community: Be welcomed by one of the warmest and oldest living communities out there with a record of 3 years and running!

⛏ Land Protection: MirageCraft provides players a way to protect what belongs to them. With this, the next feature will bloom even more!

⛏ Teams/Clans: Form a clan with other players and build a town, an empire, or even a kingdom! Great way to collaborate with friends, and make new ones!

⛏ Wondetrade: What wonders lie in wondertrading? You never know what you're gonna get! It might be a shiny or a rare Pokemon!

⛏ PixelAuctions: There are lots of ways to earn money in-game, and one of them is through auctioning your Pokemon! It creates a diverse trading system amongst players.

⛏ Pixelmon Extras: This sidemod offers lots of additional commands such as /evs and /ivs where you can check your Pokemon's EVs and IVs respectively, /pokegift to gift your Pokemon to a friend, and more!

⛏ Mystery Gift: We occasionally give out rare candies, poke balls, or event Pokemon through Mystery Gifts!

⛏ Donation Perks: Similar to other servers, we need funds to run the server. Anyone who supports the server through donations will be properly rewarded for their kindness and generosity!

⛏ Point System: The server has an earnable point system where 1 Mirage Point is equivalent to 1 dollar at our store! These can be obtained through winning events as well!

⛏ Toggle-able PvP: Players can enjoy PvP, but it's toggled OFF per player by default. You can choose whether or not you want to PvP with someone, just remember to toggle it on - and off when you stop.
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By Tmanbazooka
#138986 Amazing server! If you guys are looking for a HUGE world to explore, to train to become the best and to meet and be apart of an awesome community then this is the place for you. When I first joined this server I could tell immediately that there were people here that I could get along with, and right away I was able to make some pretty great friends, and the staff man were they helpful! This server updates quite frequently, there are TONS of events so you are always kept busy if not training and exploring the massively generated world, riding is enabled, and with the advanced servers they use there is hardly any lag which for how large the world is, is quite incredible. Not to mention the Gyms are more challenging, and the Elite 4 well lets just say you need to be well trained to get passed them. And all the gyms and elite 4 members are coded with advanced AI which means no waiting for the player to get online to move further along. I have to say I have really enjoyed my time on this server! I mean other servers may have the mod, but nothing comes close to the one I have fallen in love with.
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By Sergii
#139161 10/10 Extremely recommend! When I first joined the server I was immediately intrigued by the spawn very cool and organized! (No Glass Dome Spawn) You can travel and explore in a huge generated world and even build your own house! Very nice and helpful staff ready to answer any burning questions you could have. Build your team to beat the Kanto Gym leaders, Elite 4, and battle other players! They also have pixelmon side-mod's inlcluding EVs/IVs Mod and the Wonder Trade Mod! The server also has many events going on to keep you busy and having loads of fun! Very active fourms on the servers website and a unique donation store. Go join MirageCraft today!
By Craftblair
#139189 Fantastic Community! :-D
This server has the best group of players and staff that ive seen this year.
I thought that when I first joined this server there were gonna be hackers with legendaries/shinnies but when i played on miragecraft I felt like im actually playing a real pokemon game.Its full of events and random tourneys with glorious prizes that will blow you away even thought most of these are hosted by regular players. Instead of factions we having a better solution for pixelmon and we call it teams full of members,Unique and creative bases were builded in the making of the teams hq. Reasonable Ranks and A expanding community of over 2,000 enjin members.Miragecraft is one of the best pixelmon servers Ive ever played on. This server is 10/10 and will always be open because of the up time.

10/10 sir 10/10
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By SparklezTheWolf
#139192 My first impression of this server was amazing! The staff are friendly energetic and helpful. The players are great and most of all the server is very fun to be on! I tried other servers and attempted to play on them but there just wasn't any spark but when i began to play on mirage craft i instantly fell in love with the server. The gym set ups are amazing and actually make you work for your badges so you cant just get a wild poke a beat them and beating the E4 is a very high accomplishment which takes effort and strategy to beat. There are drop parts , events made by staff and sometimes players and over all has one of the friendliest communities i have seen and its still growing each day!The Own gets on and actually interacts and talks with the players which just makes me appreciate the serve a whole lot more than i already do! Over all i would rate this serve 10 out of 10 !
By BluuSpectre
#139195 Awesome Server. This server have a good quality, the mechanism on the server is great, the staff on the server they're making a good job every time which that's good.

Also the events on the server and on the forums takes the players's attention because is very organized. including the gyms, the elite 4 is the point which every player wants to finish, the wondertrade is a good stuff implemented this month and is very useful. The players enjoys the server and in my personal opinion i don't get bored because i think this is the only pixelmon server of i like. there are many biomes and many stuff to search, and is survival and that's other thing of the server which makes the player getting fun as well. The forums is always active and is great about the players enjoys the server. the thing of i like on the server so much is when you talk with the players (that includes the staff), and the mechanic on the server.

I recomend to play this server.
By Gopizza2012
#139207 This is an epic server with a great community and really maximizes the pixelmon mod to it's full extension. It's easy to play and get started and allows people to do things they wouldn't be able to do ANYWHERE else. If your not already on this server come on now because I can't even explain what your missing out on.

~gopizza2012 :-D
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By pio
#139212 WOW! 10/10. This server is mind-blowing. The first time I joined I got a "welcome" from a lot of people even though the server alredy has a "Welcome" message. Its open survival, has warps, has pokemon riding and legendaries spawning. I cant believe I havent played on this server longer. The Gyms are easy but the Elite4 is so OP even at LVL80 that dispite me being there hooked all day EV training I only managed to beat Ice.
There are also staff members online at all time, atleast when Im on there is always atleast 1, when there isnt like 3-4 and they help us with anything we need. Even when someone asks a stupid question like some people do they just keep calm and try to resolve it.
Anyone wanting a server to play on THIS is the one OMG. Never leaving this place!

-pioavenger :D Anyone wanting to play together just find me.
By Blarno
#139256 Hello guys, Blarno here
I play on this server for about 4 months and I am extemely happy with it and would suggest you to join me! Server used to be cracked but after it became a premium server we lost some players who couldn't get a chance to purchase a premium account... anyway, the server grew soon back and has nice number of players, especially at weekends. The server has nice, talkative and helpful community which I guess most of you would like to have on a server you play on.. and that is the reason many of the cracked users actually bought a premium account to stay with such community! The server has all of the Kanto Gyms which will require you some pokemon training and will make you have fun on the server, and will make you able to kill the boredom you feel before you come to the server :D Also, there is Elite4 which you will have to train hard for! We're holding weekly tournaments and another events which will give you a chance to win a lot of great prizes! Come to the server, support us and show us that you are an awesome trainer!
By BasedGodPainn
#139274 Honest post! This server is without a doubt a great server, would rate 8/8 no hate. The Top three thing that I love about this server is the Amazing community, Awesome staff, and it's a Lag free server! But without a doubt the Amazing community is the best reason to join the server by far. The first time that I played on the server was back last November it was probably my favorite server at the time and still is. The chat wasn't spammy, little to no lag at all, and everyone was nice. Which is why I love it so much! It's nearly has been a year since I've started playing on the server and not once have I ever gotten bored with nothing to do, there was always something to do on the server wether it was from training a awesome team to playing in events and tournaments to battling the gym leaders/ Elite Four and usually after playing for a 11 months you normally get bored of a server that you play on a lot! Anyways it's a awesome server and I would always recommend playing on it because you will have endless fun, literally best pixelmon server out there wouldn't recommend any other server but this one.

BasedGodPain :-D