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By SmexyDuk
#197780 This review doesn't need to be long, the server is great, the staffs are ready to help you whenever you need them to. The server Owner rockes gave me an Autograph as well <3 such a sweetheart~. This is the best place where you can talk and make friends with other people, they're pretty friendly in here. 9/10 i love the server :)
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By NinjaShadowZD
#197891 Ive only been on this server for 3 days and I love it. One of the best servers I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a few. If you're thinking about playing on a pixelmon server, or even recording a series, I recommend this one highly. You also get a free rank if you register, what comes with a free random shiny. Who doesn't love shinies?!
See you there!

~Ninja :)
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By Pippa
#197937 Legendaries are disabled?? Because of the update to 5.0.4? Um seriously...
Other servers have them still. It must be a conflict of plugins going on there and I guess you will sort it, but wow, that's not a good look. I'll come back if and when you sort that... :-/
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By ObscureZero
#197943 I believe this is the best Pixelmon server by far.
I tried many servers before, both small and big and while some were certainly awesome, this one takes everything up a notch. The gyms are actually hard to beat and not just something to do to get loot, the safari works perfectly (and as intended, no using pokemons in there) but what I think makes this server special is the dedication of both the staff and the players, which makes this server feel like a living and breathing world. The events happen one after the other (hosted both by the staff and by the players), and they're not all fighting tournaments either, there's a variety of them, like catching competitions, there was a safari event too when it came out, so you never know what will be next. The playerbase likes to play competitively (which is rare in my opinion) and is very helpful when in need of tips.

All in all, both the playerbase and the staff cares and it shows.
By ArcW0lf
#197975 This server is awesome. I was on another server previously, which I had thought was pretty cool, but the spawn rates sucked. Mirage has high spawn rates and I really enjoy the ability to warp to different biomes. There is little lag comparatively, which is great. The one thing I have an issue with is the fact that food is required, but there are tons of opportunities to get food, either for free or super cheap. The community is awesome and there is almost always a staff member on to help at some point or other. Even if there are no staff members people are willing to help you though. A great server overall with a large community.
By Myod
#197995 This server is by far the best pixelmon server I have found. Other servers are no where near as nice as this one. I love this for the 2 days I've been on it. Personally I think this is a great server consisting on all the things I like for in a pixelmon server, being friendly staff, gyms , shops and claim blocks. :-D
By Dardray
#198000 Hello My name is Dardray and this is my First Experience and Review for Miragecraft!

Me and a couple of friends decided to play some pixelmon again after a bit of time away from it. We decided to join Miragecraft and we were not wrong by doing so! Miragecraft has an amazing staff and the community is also amazing. Are you afraid that u might not know what to do ? Dont worry, you will be placed in a starting zone were a bit of the things will be explained to you! If you need further help the people on the server are not afraid to help you out with tips and tricks if you ask for it . I have an amazing time playing on the server and i dont regret it at all that this was my first server in a while with this amazing staff and community! Dont be afraid of giving it a try! u wont regret it ! ^^
By KoolKat191800
#198002 hay everyone I'm KoolKat191800 i'v been playing on this server for a few days but stoped I'm back and I wud like to say this server is awesome spawn is laggy tho but other then that its great hop to see all new players on the server join and injoy playing staff is great and a lot of cool stuff to do hop to see you thar :-)