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By awesometdog
#196903 Awesome server with little lag. Great Staff that answers questions lightning fast. If they do not answer then there is a wiki with them. Hunger is on so you will need to still eat. KEEP INVENTORY IS A LIFE SAFER.
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By Oisin
#196915 This server has been great thus far, members are supportive and one particularly active member gifted me a pokemon upon my join. (Thanks, MrKoala!). The server is extremely pleasant and runs well despite the *6 modifier to spawn rates. I've only ever seen *0.5, or even less to keep lag in check, but this server must be quite burly in order to do this. My one complaint is that the texture pack for the inventory seems to be very distracting, and I quickly switched to another.

By undeadseth2
#196998 as a huge pokemon fan even at the age of 20 I couldn't have been more excited to play this mod, after starting it i got more interest in minecraft again and was able to build more elberant things as well as bring more pokemon lore to the world!
By koolkrede
#197110 Minecraft Username: koolkrede
Review: The staff good example and a good vibe for the server. When I need help they'll reply with helpful answers. You become part of the server so quickly and like I said before, I've only been on for 2 days and already feel at home in this server. This is probably the best pixelmon server I have ever been on. It has no lag for me at all, which is usually a problem with mods since I play on my laptop since my PC doesn't like pixelmon for some reason. It is hard to find land that people haven't built on and there are so many griefed lands that maybe there should be a cleanup day where the none claimed buildings get removes, that might be hard but maybe some people could go around making the griefed houses look good. But I still love this server! :)