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By Onefast
#191805 Amazing server! If you guys are looking for a HUGE world to explore, to train to become the best and to meet and be apart of an awesome community then this is the place for you. When I first joined this server I could tell immediately that there were people here that I could get along with, and right away I was able to make some pretty great friends, and the staff man were they helpful! This server updates quite frequently, there are TONS of events so you are always kept busy if not training and exploring the massively generated world, riding is enabled, and with the advanced servers they use there is hardly any lag which for how large the world is, is quite incredible. Not to mention the Gyms are more challenging, and the Elite 4 well lets just say you need to be well trained to get passed them. And all the gyms and elite 4 members are coded with advanced AI which means no waiting for the player to get online to move further along. I have to say I have really enjoyed my time on this server! I mean other servers may have the mod, but nothing comes close to the one I have fallen in love with.
By Jarl540
#191985 9,6/10 server best experience i've had so far, when u come in the staff is always ready to aswer eny questions u may have and help u get started and make ur stay enjoyable and still keeping the rules on line i would like to recommend a Trial-Mod with the name DOGGO AKA El_doge_ for helping me throw my journey he is the person that cares for other people and not just to have the rank or look awesome or to abuse power, THIS is what EVERY server needs not only in pixelmon but evey single game, with that said i think its a great community i've already made some friends so far and much more has still yet to come. 5x spawnrate is in general a very very good idea and im my case i've seen a lot of servers that lack this kind of stuff so its great to see that someone has paying attention whats going on. Now the negative part and that is rather short so let's get straight into it and finish with some good stuff again. So if u have seen all the people building around the world u may have seen that there is a LOT of unfinished buildings including pillar's made of dirt and cobblestone it would be nice to have some kind of admin to check around the map or plugin that remove's these things (i dont really have a good solution as i dont have eny experience with servers) if that is possible there would be more room for new people and to give a better impression of the world's layout, so they wont think "arh this is just another overgriefet server, ELSEWHERE theres not really enything more negative to say, so back to the positive. As u may know theres a feature that allows Rare Candy to be crafted on this server this feature is not enabled and thats is a big relieve because if it whore craftable it would remove the aspect of "actually" traning ur pokemon and thats the goal right? to be the very best and release the power thats inside? so goodjob to the staff for removing this very pointless idea. If ur reading this i would definitely say that u should try this server out u wont regret it! i didnt :-)
By AwezomeAsh
#192023 I just recently started playing but so far nothing too bad. I was kind of disappointed that the loot chests were disabled because I love to explore and finding loot along the way makes it so much exciting. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. I'm excited for gyms it's nice to see a server that his it's gym system set up and done. The increased spawn rate is also awesome so waiting for pokemon to spawn isn't that boring. The staff is extremely helpful to new players such as I (shoutout to Tidus) and getting the journey started isn't a complicated hassle. It's a nice start to a hopefully amazing journey. 10/10 :-D
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By SnowBlitzz
#192115 We've just updated to 5.0.0!! Just in time for Christmas ;-) We have a special present for everyone today - claim it at the website!

There's also a raffle for Jirachi.

Read this for more info: ... le/4071202
By XShortbusX
#192382 This is one of the best Pixelmon servers i have played on. The staff are very helpful and kind. The events are great. They just recently had a capture event, my reward was a shiny pokemon. I really enjoy the 5X spawn rate of pokemon. The staff are quick to update the server when pixelmon releases a new one. Overall 10/10. Come give Miragecraft a try.
By XxTanckoxX
#192508 Here is my oppinion on you server MIRAGECRAFT

-I can play with my friend's
-Has a great comunity
-its like survival (even tho its made like that)
-You can claim your land so you dont get griefed
-For 4-5 times more pokemon... WHERE ARE ALL THE POKEMON (well they are there but not around bases(and there is a lot of abandoned bases))

So in general i do like the server so i rate 9/10

By RyTeK
#192543 I give an 8/10 for the server,

Why ?
We can play between friend, also, we can claim our base / other projects if we so desire, also, there is a competent Staff, with fabulous Administrators. Afterwards, sometimes there are really cool events.
On this server too, people are very friendly and always help us when we have problems, when there are newcomers on the server, everyone welcomes them.
By fancybeast2000
#192544 Ok Look i'm pretty new to the server but From what i see its built very well so far i haven't seen any lag issues and i never complain about not enough Pokemon spawning. The staff are super nice and they've helped me quite a few times even the community is super nice helping with things that i don't fully understand also i'm a huge fan of the naturally spawning legendaries and i know that might sound stupid but I've played on a ton of servers where you have to spend money for you to even be able to get a legendary but on this server i can go hunting for legendaries. Also i'm a big fan of the events because with the Christmas one i got to change one of my Pokemon into a shiny version also i got 4 stacks of cookies lol. Overall this is the best pixelmon I've played on and I've played a ton of them. 10/10 Fancybeast Approved :-D
By Magmagod
#192636 Hey
I recently started playing on this server but i gotta say it's one of the best servers i've ever played on, the people are all nice they are helpfull, haven't found any griefers yet, and overall it's a really great server, if you start playing after reading my review try to talk to me when you're on the server! Magmagudans is my MC name, and if you play league you can even enter the same clan as me if you want to!