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By idkorian
#192656 I like how the server is great in general and the 5 times spawn rate helps you fit straight in everyone (almost) is willing to help it is nice.

Username: idkorian

Website username: Idkorian

I like how the server is great in general and the 5 times spawn rate helps you fit straight in everyone (almost) is willing to help it is nice.
By maidoftime
#192673 very good server! i find it very fun and i have already caught some nice pokemon! only downsides i have noticed is the vote rewards are a little low and the fact that not a lot of low level pokemon spawn, which makes it very hard to train my pokemon starter

ive had no problems with lag, and im very fond of the warps and the house i made! now i just need to look for ways to get money, hehe
By DoriginalAcid
#192674 I'm DoriginalAcid I recently joined the server and while playing I noticed something I thought was rather questionable. The safari zone, The problem I had with it is with pokemon like beldum or bagon or any of those evolutionary lines with low catch rates were seemingly impossible to catch. That's usual but I also noticed that you can't battle either so making it even harder to catch the pokemon I've named. Other than that the server is great and I haven't had a problem, thanks!
By Resigns
#192703 Mirage Craft is the best server ever! i've never seen it before and it works great there's no lag. You can also get awesome pokemon and create your own house right next to your friends! I would love to see everyone on this server, so I can spend my time helping and being all of your friends! Fun and Joy is all what this server's about, I mean i'm in it and i'm having so much fun in it! You can find and discover pokemon you have not seen before because your new! Believe I'm new to this server to, I might not know everything but if you need any help my username is Resigns! Well i hope you guys join this server I wish you all a happy new year, and we are going to try and get this server to the max :-D !
By AsianChild
#192704 MirageCraft is a great server. They have all you need. Warps, pokemon , and greatness! If you don't have the server I really recommend it. They have very cool and nice admins that will help you when you need it and won't let you down! The server has very little lag. people love this server mostly because of how great it is. I mean it. The server is awesome! You can have so much fun. You can catch many Pokemon. They also have the Gen 6 starters. The server is great because you can adventure , live , and battle with friends! I love this server and hope you guys do too!
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By slayerxx2223
#192761 Username: slayerxx2223
Website Username: slayerxx2223

I joined this server and everyone is really friendly, and are easy to ask questions and get to know. I also like how everything is so organized and its easy to get around and find stuff. The pokemon spawn rate is really nice 2 because its not that hard to find pokemon. The only thing i dont really like is all the random abandon houses that people just left. The server is really fun and awesome and i will be playing it for awhile.
By Luminous9007
#192903 Minecraft IGN:Luminous9007
Website Username: Luminous9007

I really enjoy this server! This server has some neat features that make it unique from the rest. Keep Inventory isn't completely broken by the fact that you're given hunger when you respawn. The ranking is quite smart considering that player who go the extra mile of joining their enjin website get the trainer status, which gives players convenient commands that make life easier. The gyms are amazing level-wise since the gym-leaders' pokemon are at the same level as your highest leveled pokemon, meaning that they can't ovelevel you. The server's wiki is quite handy for beginners who have just started playing and is a useful resource tool. I personally enjoyed the community, they're quite friendly. Wild Pokemon are around the same level as yours, making wild Pokemon more balanced. Overall, I'd suggest this server to anyone wanting to play Pixelmon, since any newbies can easily learn how to play due to the wiki and the difficulty isn't too hard.
By Bladeknight123
#192933 I usually don't write reviews for servers but this one stood out, honestly one of the most fun pixelmon servers I have ever been on, the staff is amazing and they always listens to the players ideas and works with them to get a better experience. They make sure to do whatever they can to help out; however, sometimes they do not see the chat and you have to ask the same question several times. Besides that, it is a family friendly server so everyone on the server is very kind and respectful and very helpful, either way their staff to always watch out for the players in case of any need. The server has a great connection and barley experience any lag issues. It is kind of difficult to obtain money with there being no NPC's, but overall I would give this server a 10/10. Outstanding job.
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By pio
#192957 Hey guys!

Glad to see everyone is enjoying the server, many more features planned to be added in the near future, one of which is being done progressivly: the new scoreboard (good job Snow lol).

Have a good day ^^