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By skermory
#190395 HI I am skermory I want to tell about
initia nova server.

1.this is the best pixelmon server I played on (I played on a lot)
2.the staff are friendly and love to help
3.the people on the server are very good to
when I first log in to the server I didn't play any server in weeks
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By MrxGrey
#190437 hi in game I am Woody_B I just wanted to say out of all the servers ive played on this is my favorite they have been the most helpful and informative. I'm fairly new so I needed a lot of help...xD anyways the staff is great and the players are all very helpful. very glad I joined this community.
By MinEmre76
#190680 After playing for half a month on this phenomenal Server, I have to say that its high quality services and attention to details are fascinating me.
I am very gladful to have been introduced to this server and I wanted to thank the staff and all other people for their help and their symphaty, which they are showing off all day.
So if you want a server where you want to have smashing-super-great time, join us!

Best regards, MinEmre76. ;-)
By Honsi
#190717 I've just recently started on this server a few days ago, and I'm very impressed with how many cool and helpful features this server has to offer! From EV training and blissey leveling areas to biome specific safari areas, I highly recommend you come join us!
By HoppipTheAmethyst
#190823 InitiaNova, to put it bluntly, is everything I would look for in a server. I joined a couple of days ago, and everyone was and still is friendly and helpful. There is many reasons why I recommend this server, so I decided to write them below.

1. Community
The best word I can use to describe the community of Initia is active. Players, both staff and players alike are informative, engaged and smart. While I haven't gotten to know everyone on the server quite yet, I'll say that the people I have met are cool.

2. Commands
/breed and /hatch are life

You want more? That's basically all I have to say in this category.

3. Warps
Initia features many different warps, from the standard gyms and shop, to a robust safari and a blissey leveling station. They're very well built (although some can get a bit laggy) and serve a purpose. Using the warps, I made a 5IV fully ev-trained lvl100 Ninjask in a day. That should show how useful the warps are here, and I hope they stay that way after the map reset.

Come join Initia for a fun Pixelmon experience like no other. Whether you come for the Pokémon League, for breeding or for just having fun, there's pretty much something for everyone here

By EmoChristian
#191170 I've been playing here for a few days, and I gotta say, I love it, there is some lag problems, but those are in the process of being fixed, my favorite thing about here is /breed and /hatch, a MUST PLAY server for competitive battlers who want easy breeding
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By iAimPikaZ
#191539 i really like this server im playing on the server alot with my brother and my uncle i think its the best pixelmon server that ever made! No Lags I have 500 fps!!!!
even after the reset no one playing on the server but i still love it!
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By SirPancake
#191882 Hello! I'm a pancake, and I've done this before! (before the reset) So I'll just repeat what i said last time: All the staff are great and helpful, even to the new players! Making for a great community ingame and in the discord. In my honest opinion this is probably the best server I've seen in a very long time (also if you don't know who i was before the reset, I was MouseInTux).