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By Phanatos
#161616 Start your adventure now!



Pixelmon Versions: | 5.1.2 |

Become apart of our community and join one of our many different Pixelmon Servers, each with their own communitys!

Come join our custom Pixelmon Sinnoh Server! As our first 1.8.9 Pixelmon server, this server is in Beta as we port over all of the features, fully refined, from our 1.7.10 Pixelmon Servers as well as incorporate new features only available in 1.8 PLUS all of the content available from the updated variant of Pixelmon. Be one of the first to make an impression on this newly opened server to truly be the best this region has to offer!

Or join one of our many region servers. Select from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn to begin your adventure! Train your Pokemon, build your homes, make new friends, and challenge our vigorous gym lines following the gym lines of their respective region counterpart.

- Custom Move Tutor and Move Relearner
- 8 Player Gyms
- The Elite 4
- Safari Zones
- Special "Aura" Pokemon
- Daily Events
- Balanced Economy

Come join our community today!
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By Ryrytron
#163071 I love PokeJourney because there are so many beautiful things, such as pokémon, an active and friendly chat, awesome administration, a well-built spawn, tough gyms, daily small events as well as weekly and monthly larger events, and Serena c:

By boristijn
#163090 This server is amazing everyone is nice. The boss spawn rate is great and the staff is really nice. There is a beautiful spawn and a amazing pokemart with TM and that kind of stuff. I,ve your are looking for a cool great server than this is the right server for you. :-D
By machopokemon111
#163093 ive been on this server for a couple of days and I think its the best pixelmon server I've ever been everyone is friendly and spawn rates are great. I also think that the layout of spawn is great and you can find what you want easily :-D :-D
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By TheEnderBuilder
#163101 An extremely fun server to be on, I feel extremely welcome by the wonderful community even though I've only been on for a few days. Beautiful spawn. And a friendly and active chat on top of all that.