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By MrRinus
#168621 One of the WORST servers if you aren't crazy enough to spend IRL money!!

This server is fun and all, Until u want to enjoy a lot of the features of pixelmon. For instance:
1. Riding/flying/surfing pixelmon is disabled, unless u have the HM fly or surf. U can get this one by having incredibly much luck by using keys. U might get it from a votekey, which u have a 25% chance on with every vote u place. Sometimes u place 6 votes in 1 keys.
2. Votekeys -> 5% luck on something good, 95% stuff u dont need. With this i mean that u will probably get a fireblast tm, thunder tm or energy ball tm out of a votekey. These tm's are simply BUYABLE in the pokemart.
3. Pay2Win. It is really pay to win, pay prices from 10 dollars til 1000 dollars for ranks which will give u keys every week, even every day if u spent more than 100 dollars on ranks. These keys will get u POSSIBLY shinies or legendaries. Many cases have been that someone spent IRL MONEY and got a normal roggenrola, since u have absolutely NO guarantee u will get what u pay for.
4. Pay2Win part 2. Buying some ranks, NOT all will grant u acces to the mine+ in which SOME donators have acces to a room filled with diamond/emerald/gold ore etc. Just a simple spending 1 iron pickaxe in that room and u will have more money a non-donator can make in a month!

This server is very unfair, encouraging its players to spent real life money on not-guaranteed keys or ranks. The only possible positive factor for this server is its range of mods, having a collector to sell pokemon to, having warps to every sort of biom, pokecenters and pokemart with a pretty wide arrangement of stuff. Also the daily events are nice, if u like the chance of winning a low quality key in an event with 1 price for over 50 players. These addons, which should be normal for every server, do not beat the negative factors by far!
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By Mewlv100
#169113 While only on for a few days, I've had no problem getting together with many friends and playing here. The daily events are a very nice thing to have on a server that encourage a very active community, which is only further backed by friendly staff who are almost always online. Overall a great experience.

- Mewlv100
Johto Server