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By Mergical
#196086 Mergical Gaming, home to the best competitive pixelmon experience.

"Mergical Gaming offers a one-of-a-kind pixelmon experience. We feature competitive, player-run, dual-typed gyms, a large Battle Frontier, 24/7 uptime, virtually no lag, a Move Tutor with server exclusive Move Tutor moves and abilities, such as Earth Power Typhlosion and Rock Head Rampardos, weekly Tournaments and events, and much, much more!

Other features include:

Huge PokeMart with almost every item and block
EVs/IVs Commands
Riding Enabled
EV Training Center
KeepInventory on
Peaceful Survival
Player-run Towns
All Legendaries spawn"

For New Comers:
Nice to meet you guys, my name is Ron. I'm not an owner/staff of the server, but a avid competitive pixelmon player on this server. I'm recruiting some competitive players, or any players for that fact that would like to play on this server. To increase competitive player count, I've set out ways for competitive players to easily settle into the environment easily.
Visit this thread, helpful for competitive newcomers!: ... ve-players

Other useful links: ... um/7037611 Competitive forum section ... -abilities Server exclusive abilities and moves ... ings-rules Tier list, viability rankings

For those who would personally like to contact me, contact options are:
Skype: ronniedang2
Discord: Xiampo#2395

Our server also has a discord channel.
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By Johnsilverknight
#196264 This is by far the very best pixelmon server I have ever played on. For starters it has a great starter kit and you can use it twice when you log in so you can get even more epic resources! The staff are great, helpful, and even respond quickly. Come join this server and play with us. You won't regret it!
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