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By DemonicRage
#196333 Mergical Gaming provides a very unique Pixelmon experience. It is by far the most competitive based server out there, and it gives a new way to battle to already competitive players, by giving underused Pokemon moves and abilities to allow them to become viable threats. Overall, I highly suggest giving it a try.
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By SlayerKenny
#196553 IGN:EverlastingEgo
Im still fairly new to the server but I can already tell I'm going to be using all fo my time in to playing on this server. Has a very nice starter kit can get everything I need to start of with plenty of rare candies so you aren't that much lower than everyone else. Overall this server is very competitive that if you love to battle, then why not play here plus you also get a good shiny starter so come join us.
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By Kivogtar
#196599 I have posted about this server elsewhere on the forums, just thought I would come here and endorse it. It is the only competitive server as far as I am concerned. None of the others I have tried come close.
The players are super friendly. It's a good environment.
Check out the Shop/Safari Zone/RTP/EV Training/Gyms because those are great features.