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By DarkLeone3122
#168591 Image

Server IP:

Server Website:

About Mergical Gaming
Mergical Gaming is a competitive-based survival pixelmon server that offers a one of a kind pixelmon experience. We have a team of dedicated and experienced staff that will help you have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Server Features
Competitive Community: By far our biggest feature is our competitive community. Most pixelmon servers will deviate from the competitive scene, but we encourage it. There's almost always someone looking for a good battle and many players are very skilled in battling.

Gyms: One of our greatest features is our 8 competitive-based player-run dual-type gyms. Each one is run by an actual player skilled in real pokemon competition. Defeat all 8 gyms and you will become an Ace Trainer, getting your name immortalized in spawn's Hall of Fame and netting you an exclusive Ace-only pokemon.

Want to become a Gym Leader? We accept applications from all players on our forums!

Ranked and Unranked Tournaments: We have at least 2 tournaments every week. One ranked, one unranked. You can earn ranked points by defeating other players in tournaments, which will move you up the ladder to becoming the server's Tournament Champion. The top 3 ranked players of each month receive lots of great rewards.

Server Exclusive Move Tutor: Our server features a dynamic Pokemon Editing system that allows players to edit almost everything about their pokemon with in-game money. You can also get server-exclusive Ability Swaps and Move Tutors, such as Rock Head on Rampardos or Earth Power on Typhlosion, which can only be found on Mergical Gaming.

Battle Frontier: We have a Battle Frontier based on Pokemon Emerald that features different areas for battling NPCs ranging from Easy to Meduim to Hard to Extreme. You can earn exclusive rewards and lots of in-game money for completing an area.

NPC Gyms: Also part of the Battle Frontier are NPC Gyms. If you aren't interested in super competitive battling, you can battle NPC Gym trainers that are much easier than their player counterparts. They have their own set of unique badges and give you in-game money every time you win.

Weekly Events: We host at least 1 non-tournament event every single week. These events include Drop Parties, Big Digs, Scavenger Hunts, and more!

Other Features
  • The EVs/IVs sidemod to allow players to check their pokemon's EVs, IVs, and Hidden Power type with a single command.
  • An EV Training Center for players to EV train their pokemon for free and with ease.
  • The GriefPrevention plugin to keep player's builds from being griefed.
  • Pixelmon Riding Enabled
  • Pokemon Breeding and reduced breeding times
  • Player-run Towns
  • All Legendaries Spawn

Contact Us
Server IP:
Server Website:
Server Discord:
Server Twitter:
Server Email [email protected]
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By DarkLeone3122
#169034 We have just launched our newest update, featuring Treasure Town, Teams, new shops, and Crates. More information on our forums:
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By FluffyWubblers
#171078 Need a competitive Pixelmon server with actually challenging gyms? Like having fun at weekly events? Looking for a kind, helpful community? Well come and join Mergic Pixelmon! This server has all of those and more! The server spawn looks great and has a special FAQ board for when you don't know what to do. MP also has a Pixelmon riding enabled and biome warps so you don't need to spend a whole day looking for a jungle of deep ocean biome. On top of that the custom Move Tutor shop is great and helps a lot when trying to build the perfect pixelmon team. Overall it is a great server and i recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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By Interactions
#171079 IGN: Interactions
This server again, is very fun. With a diverse amount of players, competitive gyms, cash crops, level 100 AND level 50 tournaments, competitive atmosphere, relaxed community, active staff, weekly events, drop parties, and much more; there is no doubt that there is so much to do here. With all this, I would conclude to a 10/10.
By Chase2020J
#171081 IGN:


What do you think about Mergic Pixelmon:

When I first joined the server, it was because of my friend Alex, who was Head-Mod at the time. He left shortly after, and I thought that I wouldn't have any friends to play with, as everyone was a stranger. I was inactive for a couple weeks, then decided to give competetive battling a shot. The server's move tutor system made battling very interesting, and less frustrating to make your team. I was skeptical at first about the lvl 50 cap for most of the server's activities, but I got used to it and it's not bad at all. Within a short amount of time, the staff and players started to take me in and include me in the server. The community is extremely nice, the staff rarely have to punish anybody and mostly everyone knows each other. It is a small community, but hopefully it will continue to grow into a very successful server, as I believe it will. I highly suggest you and your friends join Mergic Pixelmon and experience a whole new type of Pixelmon adventure!
By Beck0114
#171088 This is actually the best 3.5 Pixelmon server I ever played. Friendly communities, Active Players, Competitive Pixelmon, Amazing Gyms and Builds definitely a server to join! The server builds are well made and players and staffs put a lot of efforts in this server. There are a lot of events which entertains other players which makes the server better and it is really fun and awesome! Gym Battles are very exciting and intense so you must try it! Anyways in total this is amazing server over all! And I'm not over exaggerating or anything.
IGN:Beck0114 :-)
By StudPvP
#171089 Mergic Pixelmon

Hello reader, my name is StudPvP, but you can call me Kyle. I have came here today to give you my honest opinion about this server, so here we go. This server has a lot of interesting things to offer. It offers around two to three tournaments a week, which have a lvl 50 cap in case you were wondering. It has a weekly thing called Big Dig, which is an opportunity for players to not only enjoy a mini game like activity, but an opportunity to get some nice items that aren't that easy to come by. Another cool aspect it gives is the opportunity to earn your badges by not beating the AI's or computer, but by beating real people. Now through out my time of playing Pixelmon this can be a hit and miss, but I can guarantee that a Gym Leader not being active isn't a problem. The Gym Leaders are very active and offer a wide variety of difficulty and competitiveness. The last thing i am going to talk about is the teams. On this server you can join teams and try to be the best team on the server, even though Team Rocket is going to be the best. Moving on from the things they offer to the people who play on the server and the moderators and admins. All of the people on there are extremely friendly and all of the mods and admins are very fair and treat everyone the same and with respect. A big thing for me is finding a server that doesn't lag. Now i'm not going to say this server is perfect, because nothing is perfect, but this server never lags for me and there is little to no glitches. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a VERY good server, then look no further. Simply get on Minecraft and get on

Thanks for taking the time to read that.
Much Love, Kyle <3