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By DanniDorrito
#169131 Image
Custom built Kanto is here!
PokeMC Home Page:
Server IP:

We welcome all of you to join our 5.0.3 Kanto server! Get ready for a brand new Kanto with many newly added features. Please report bugs on our forum! We will do our best to stay updated to the latest PixelmonMod!


    • Custom Plugins (Gyms, PokeAuction, PokeBattle, and more!) created by our developer!

    • New pokemon, new moves, and new items!

    • Reset chunks outside of the Kanto region, giving room to build!

How to join:

    • Click HERE to be directed to the Pixelmon downloads page!

    • Please download and use the Pixelmon Launcher which will download the correct forge for Pixelmon 5.0.3 (Windows only)

    • Alternatively, you can download Pixelmon 5.0.3 - 1.10.2 and the correct Forge 1.10.2 which both are found on the Pixelmon downloads page.

    • Finally, add our server's IP to your multiplayer!
- you should also find our server listed on Pixelmon's launcher.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post on our forum!
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By DigBenis
#169600 Ingame Minecraft Username: GolemOfJustice
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): I think PokeMC is a great server with many features for people to enjoy. You can explore the region, battle gyms, trade with friends and much more. Also, the community of the server is very inclusive, with nice and helpful staff too. It's definitely worth a try if you're looking for a well put together server.
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By XMCyber
#169601 Ingame Minecraft Username: XM_Cyber
Chosen server (Kanto or Planet Pixelmon): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more) Overall this is a generic great server with friendly staff and overall a great community which creates a friendly user environment. The server also offers amazing features such as the authentic Kanto map which allows players to explore a recognisable environment outside of the main game and in a 3d version of the world. Staff such as Kuma the owner and Fogno are always very friendly and quick to reply to questions and resolve any issues you may have making the experience all the more enjoyable.
By jacare
#169602 Ingame Minecraft Username: jacare_
Chosen Server: Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?:I've been looking for a good pixelmon server for some time, and what better exceeded my expectations was the pokeMC. I really enjoyed the server, and even wanted to have the opportunity to become part of the staff
By Kieron
#169603 Ingame Minecraft Username: Kieron
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): PokeMC has exceeded my expectations and has provided me with an enjoyable playing experience. The staff force is supportive and communicate well with the players which is a rarity in most servers. Also any issues that were identified were dealt with quickly. The community is great overall obviously with the odd exception which cannot be helped.
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By slickboy101
#169604 Ingame Minecraft Username: slickboy101
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): I think that this server is a fun and friendly environment you will see this when you first enter as its a very welcoming community and the server is in Canada and I'm from the UK and I still haven't had a bit of lag which is very impressive.It's well moderated and the staff are friendly. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested in Pokemon and Minecraft.Overall this is a great server that I plan to play and donate to for a while.
By popo4456
#169609 Ingame Minecraft Username: popo4456
Chosen Server (Kanto or PlanetPixelmon): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): I have been playing on PokeMC since basically the beginning of the server. I still go on the server every day. While the pixelmon itself is good, the staff and rules are fair, and the map looks incredible, it is the community that makes the server worth the time. The community has been welcoming and friendly since my first day playing, and it still is the greatest minecraft community.