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By Greenjoey
#195682 Ingame Minecraft Username: Albetros
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia):Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more):I have only been playing for a few days, but I LOVE PokeMC Already, I cant stop playing it one of the best pixelmon servers I've seen, all the staff and players are friendly and help a lot and we play some "minigames" I would kinda like to see a bit more events with pixelmon but its still AMAZING!!
By Arwes
#195722 Ingame Minecraft Username: Arwes
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): Well its really easy to say what i like most about the server. Its the staff and the community! I had lots of questions (even some that would have been explained in the server intern tutorial) that i asked in chat and not like on other servers rude answers came. No they were all friendly, even so i really like that friendly welcoming of new players. They also did so hard work to build the whole kanto region i laughed so hard when i left Pallet town just too see that stairs where you can jump from above but dont can go back up again and have to run around ^^ that moment remembered me so much on the good old times where i first time played my red edition! Well to everyone looking for a good Pixelmon Server with friendly people and great events plus a big update coming soon i really can recommend PokeMC Kanto!!!
By Pschedelic
#195733 Ingame Minecraft Username: Pschedelic
Chosen Server (Kanto)
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): Loving this server so far! I've had a few bad run-ins with pixelmon servers but as soon as I connected to this one, everyone was quick to acknowledge me. Every question I've asked has been answered and everyone seems very friendly. Reasonable rules and I love the spot for low-level spawning of pokemon. Makes it a lot easier to level those newly caught pokemon!
By TerrarianHB
#195736 Ingame Minecraft Username: TerrarianHB
Chosen Server (Kanto): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): As soon as I got Pixelmon I started this server and have loved it so much. PokeMc is exactly the same as the actual game. I was confused at first but the mods on the server helped me get through all of my problems. PokeMc is the best server for Pixelmon, in my opinion.
By LastEnder
#195738 Ingame Minecraft Username: Last_Ender
Chosen Server: Kanto, Castelia
What do you think about PokeMC? PokeMC is the best pixelmon server I have been on it incorporates not only a store line journey but a survival aspect and the people are very nice there. I Personally have not experienced griefing (so that's good). But the people are helpful and the mods are normally on plus sometimes there are "special" events. In fact My second time participating in one I won a TM.
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By SnowKnight
#195759 Ingame Minecraft Username: SnowKnight_
Chosen Server (Kanto): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): I've been with the server for more an 3 months and I've always loved the people. I love the builds the builders have made and also the events that happens as well. but I experienced that everyone is sort of like a family in the server. the gym leaders are truthfully hard to beat but then again its not suppose to be an easy task. thank you for your time. Ingame Minecraft
By shadow1775
#195784 Ingame Minecraft Username: shadow177
Chosen server: Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more) Quick Note: I've only been on the server for a few days, but so far i think this is a great server with friendly staff and a great community which creates a nice user environment. The server also offers amazing features such as the authentic Kanto map which allows players to explore an environment closely resembling the real game and in a 3-D version of the world. Staff such as Unomera and Lawkheart are always very friendly and quick to reply to questions and resolve any issues people are having. The events are interesting and seem to get everyone's attention with great prizes and fun activities for your participation.
By grafikal
#195792 User: grafikal

Server: Kanto

First impressions of the server are pretty great. The adventure map is the complete Kanto region. It's huge and very detailed. Pokemon spawn at the correct levels per route in Kanto. You're able to jump back into survival mode and also play at your own pace. Players and staff are friendly and helpful. The shop mod is really neat as well. I haven't seen it been used before.
By Dylankiller29
#195798 [*]Ingame Minecraft Username: Dylankiller29
Chosen Server (Kanto): Kanto Region
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): What do I think of PokeMC? Is a fair question and I would have to answer it by talking about the Mods and how helpful they are and answering all of my questions. I love this server and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would suggest having one gym leader present at all times of the day, I know it a lot to ask for but it would be nice to be able to test my abilities at all times off the day. The Pixilmon Mod team has done an amazing job with these servers especially over at the Kanto region, About 6 months ago you couldn't play this game more than 5 minutes without it crashing and now it is playable and is enjoyable.

Than you for all you do
Dylankiller29 From the Region of Kanto