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By IBGnova
#176168 Greetings, Pixelmon players!
My name is IBG_Nova and I own a decent sized Pixelmon server, named UniversalRealms. We have been around for about 8 months, and have grown immensely during this time. You can locate our website at this link: .

Our server supports Pixelmon 5.1.2.

What makes us unique?
We support eight custom gyms, fully functional NPCs, as well as a huge safari zone, 400x400 blocks, and a full in-game marketplace to allow trainers to acquire the items to meet their Pixelmon needs. Furthermore, we host weekly events and monthly giveaways to help new players compete with the veterans.

Why should you join us?
UniversalRealms is, as aforementioned, a custom-made Pixelmon server with a range of dedicated staff across the world, so players will never be without help, should they need it. Our community is also always happy to help players out, and we have little to no issues with flame, or anything else.

Server Info:

IP: Play.UniversalRealms.Net

Server Website:

You can view our server rules here.

Click here for Free Rank Info!
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By Siermod
#176174 Most everything I look for in a server is right here: friendly staff, intuitive means of getting what you need, simple claim mechanics, and a good starter kit to get the newbie going! They also have a polished spawn and safari areas, with warps to many major biomes trainers would look for.

It's small right now, but I see a lot of potential for growth. The players that I've met so far have been also very friendly!
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By Puggles
#176214 great server! it has a friendly community and stays up to day in pixelmon updates! it has great staff and you are guaranteed to have a great time!!
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By DDWBvsGaming
#176223 My name In game is DDWBvsMc I like this server so far it is small but it has a friendly community and a pretty nice Owner also it doesn t have much lagg like other 1.8.9 pixelmon servers.This servers community is nice and i hope the server gains popularity for more people to enjoy its community
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By ilyle
#176278 This is a nice server. The admins and community are great, although there are occasionally periods of time when nobody is online. The server gives you what you need to get started, and the ability to claim land is always twice. The gyms are pretty difficult, and you'll need to grind if you want your starter to compete with the first gym leader's
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level 45 Regirock.
The shop is very well-balanced. If you need to grab something quickly, it can be very helpful, but the prices are high enought that you will need to gather resources on your own. The server also has an enchanting room, which is nice for those with lapis. Overall, this is a great server, and I hope that it continues to grow.
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By BugCatcherJake
#176456 For the very short time I have been playing on this server I really feel like it is the best server I have played on yet. it has everything that I look for in a pixelmon server, but why listen to me or anyone else, check it out for yourself I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! - Cub1998