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By RzKickYT
#195835 GOOD! Basically This Server Has Everything and your able to do anything and start off with a shiny which not all sever do that anyways Ill rate this 10/10 IGN :D
By HugoB5377
#195849 I :-D ;-) think it is a great server, i love the pokemons and the bosses and all the legendaries.
It is a great server, keep on this good work!!
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By linlatt576
IBGnova wrote:Greetings, Pixelmon players!
My name is IBG_Nova and I own a decent sized Pixelmon server, named UniversalRealms. We have been around for about 8 months, and have grown immensely during this time. You can locate our website at this link: .

Our server supports 5.0.1 (Full Release).

What makes us unique?
We support eight custom gyms, fully functional NPCs, as well as a huge safari zone, 400x400 blocks, and a full in-game marketplace to allow trainers to acquire the items to meet their Pixelmon needs. Furthermore, we host weekly events and monthly giveaways to help new players compete with the veterans.

Why should you join us?
UniversalRealms is, as aforementioned, a custom-made Pixelmon server with a range of dedicated staff across the world, so players will never be without help, should they need it. Our community is also always happy to help players out, and we have little to no issues with flame, or anything else.

Server Info:

IP: Play.UniversalRealms.Net

Server Website:

You can view our server rules here.

Click here for Free Rank Info!

11/10 love it, really good server, lvl 255cap? whew this is diffrent, pretty unique server as well. what i like about this server is the wilderness omg. so many time i go into a new server the wilderness is so GRIEFED. i already love it. i rtp and it isn't Griefed!! thank you! also really good economy it isn't messed up like other servers. but i do dislike that fact that /ivs and /evs arn't a thing on this server without trusted+. but i don't mind that there is way you can obtain this trusted+. like forsay making a honest review. also just a really fun server that i will have fun playing with my freinds. if u have time i advice you check this out.
By BilboSwaggens
#195979 IGN: Samurott19. When I first logged into the server I was greeted by Welcomes, Help with kits and smiles all around. It felt like I found the perfect server, the staff was very friendly and showed me everything I needed to start my pixelmon journey. The community was also very helpful and nice. When I started playing I was amazed by all the cool features they had on this server like Weekly Events, The Safari Zone, and the NPCs in the shop and much more. Overall this server is very fun and a good server to play on.