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By MightBeYin
#200036 When I first joined everyone welcomed me with open arms. They told me how to start and what to do to get to the wilderness. The server is a tiny bit laggy for me, but that could just be my computer so I don't count that as a point. There is a lot to do on this server and it is hard to be bored!

-Nice player base
-Lots of stuff to do while online
-Easy to start off as the kit gives you plenty of stuff to help you begin your journey!
By DraganG0DFX
#200059 This server is cool and has tons of things to do I love how u get to start off with lvl 15 starters. I love the staff and how friendly everyone is
By CarelessSoul
#200062 I would definitely recommend this server to others who like pixelmon and or want to try it. The mods are nice and a lot of people are friendly. Many have been willing to help me out and are pretty fair!

The only thing I would say if Optifine sometimes freezed your computer due to VSync unfortunately, so be aware of that! You'll have to restart minecraft from the pixelmon launcher. Though, aside from that, it's good!
By CronoRT
#200076 There is a minor bit of lag... very tolerable though as it hasn't kept me from doing anything really. The server seems alright so far. I just wish (or I just haven't found it yet) that there was a big map to look at to help you build away from others. If there is one, no one would answer if there was or not.
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By Cycrum
#200111 A few weeks ago, I decided to start playing Pixelmon again after a ten-month hiatus. When I saw this server, I thought I would give it a try as my first Pixelmon server since playing with the mod again. Overall, I think I made a great decision as this server has everything a budding Pixelmon trainer would want: essentials to get your adventure started with, a method of keeping your land off the hands of others, easy ways to hatch and level up your Pokémon, easy ways to buy blocks for breeding, crafting, and building purposes, and riding and flying enabled to make traveling easier. I do not ever regret choosing this server to restart my Pixelmon adventures and I am sure that more fun will be in store for me and everyone else who plays on this server.
By KabalUT
#200112 Review:

This server is AMAZING! I found it by searching pixelmon servers and I am glad I did. It makes leveling up very easy by adding a warp where you can KO Blisseys. I also love how it can randomly teleport you to a place in the wild so you don't have to walk for 3 hours to find a safe spot for your home. However, I do frequently get short bursts of lag spikes when playing. This is now one of my favourite servers!

- Gyms
- Easy Leveling
- Random Teleportation
- Marketplace
- Helpers
- Safari

- Frequent short lag spikes