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By Nanoninja99
#193379 Great server for the following reasons:


Not immature, just straight to the point with you and are willing to help you with anything.


No server lag, has Wondertrade/Pokeloot/anything a Pixelmon player would want on a server, heck has a good economy as well!


Aren't toxic. Most to all are mature and don't start any 'beef' with each other (that I have saw) even if so, it's a low minimum.

Server Rating:
9.5/10 .

What the server could work on:

Economy 'selling' is the key part that it needs to work on. Shops don't buy a lot of things from you, so the best thing would be to add a /sell command (ex: cobblestone that you have hundreds of) to get rid of all of the trash you have. Other than that, I like it.

IGN Name:

By EhIForgot
#193385 Primal Wars provides a Unique and Fun gameplay like no other server. Its two team start makes the player choose a side creating a new experience never seen before. I enjoy the mod and the server even more. Helpful mods and community. Friendly atmosphere. Overall A+ server. :-D
By DiekePlatypus
#193433 This server is awesome. You have awesome custom strarters with many options. The staff and great and the safari zone is awesome. I search for a realy great server for a long time! This deffinetly is the best server in a long long time. Come visit the server fast!
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By JakeMaster2012
#193651 This sever is like the best one i've ever been on hah, it has friendly staff and a nice community and i love the custom starter setup they have, its pretty cool, anyways i sure am glad that i found the server. IGN: Dapperkip