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By KGaming
#179957 Image
We are Lagg Free!
We Do not Crash!
We are Stable!
Welcome to the K-Gaming Network!

K-Pixelmon 5.0.3
K-Pixelmon 5.0.3 when you start off its your choice to use the Adventure Map or to go straight into Survival! The Adventure Map is grief proof and loads of fun for trainers. Currently The Adventure Map has 8 gyms that are npc ran! We also have an Elite 4 and Safari Zone! I am working on this as much as i can between building, plugins, and helping players ingame! No swearing on the server! You need to understand Pixelmon pulls in all age groups and here at K-Gaming we try to respect that.

[list]Features: Pixelmon 5.0.3
*Slot Machines
*Player Shops
*Max Lvl 150!
*PvP Area!
*Elite 4!
*8 Gyms and Routes!
*Safari Zone!
*MMO Plugin!
*Custom Vote Plugin (Can obtain VIP from voting!)
*Everyone can use IV,EvS
*Custom Shop Npcs
*Custom Scoreboard
*Land Claiming
*Custom Adventure Map
*NPC & Player Gyms
*EV Training Room
*Training Towers
*Friendly Staff
*No Hunger
*Weekly Tournaments
*Daily Events

[color=#4000FF[b]]We need Gym Leaders for both servers! If you are interested in joining us Leave a Post on our website in the Forums!

K-Team will be adding more Gyms/ Requested Features to make the server the way (YOU) the player wants it!

How to Connect?
K-Pixelmon :

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By Benn
#180100 K-Gaming/Pixelmon is a great place for any one whether they are experienced with Minecraft and Pixelmon or if they are just starting out with little or no experience due to the server's friendly and helpful staff and community. The server is great with giving people various things to do such as compete in tournaments, join in on different events held daily, as well as being able to buy a wide variety of items with the custom npc shops.
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By KittenInAMitten
#180461 K-Gaming is a fun server to be on with friendly, helpful staff. Found it with a few friends and play on it to this day. The people on the server who join daily or weekly are very friendly except the few who disobey rules, but the staff take care of it really quickly to make sure there is no damage in the peaceful environment of the server :-) +1 rep
By korbyn0808
#180655 This server has a really nice community its fairly small at the moment but the community are all very helpful to one another. this server is very enjoyable. and the owner is very active and helpful to all the new players as is the staff first look good server.