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By VernonA
Wispen wrote:Image


This Server Includes:
  • Youtube Channel
    Check out the Owner's YouTube channel for a Pixelmon Series as well as Update Videos on the server!
  • Active Community
    Join a great community of people that like to have fun, join us sundays for our weekly livestream events!
  • Quests!
    Complete fun and challenging quests, earn awesome rewards!
  • Riding Pokemon Enabled!
    Ride Pokemon without the need for HMs!
  • Server Economy
    Buy & Sell Items in the shop, as well as auction of Pokemon to other players!
  • Access to: /EVs, /IVs
    All players get access to these essential commands! No guessing with EVs/IVs
  • Move Relearner
    Miss a move when leveling up? Visit the Move Re-learner to reteach moves.
  • Survival Aspects
    Need a break from catching Pokemon? Go mining, build a house, or start a farm.
  • Land Claiming
    Make sure to claim your builds, the server is a no grief zone.
  • Custom Builds
    All Server Builds are 100% Custom built!
  • Powerful Dedicated Server
    The Server is hosted on a Dedicated server, so you should experience little to no server-side lag.
  • Active Owner & Staff
    We have Active helpful staff as well as an Owner who is constantly on the server and even records a series on his YouTube Channel!
  • Constant Updates!
    We strive to constantly add new Features and Experiences to the server, your suggestions are always welcome and considered.
  • And More!
    Join and explore the server to find out more about all the awesome features it has!

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By Flattest
#197898 Great server the Owner Wispen and the devs are working really hard and the mods always clear toxicity out of chat if there is any every time someone joins about 5 people say ''welcome'' very enjoyable server and im not gona quit any time soon. Join for a great and helpful chat very fun server.
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By Foxionos
#197899 This server is a great place to be not only can you play pixelmon and minecraft,
im sure you will make new friends aswell,
with a overall friendly staff team and a living discord group and active player is this server the best pixelmon server I ever played on
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By Piim
#197905 Honestly, I haven't been playing pixelmon too long. I got bored a while ago and decided to get back on minecraft for a bit. I didn't know pixelmon existed until I came across a random video on youtube with this server in it. I tried other servers of course, but the close-knit community and the interaction from this server has made it by far my favorite. Although I do believe it does still need a bit of work, the staff have been working non stop to make it a better playing experience every day. c: