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By LuciusEventide
#195959 Overall, a great minecraft sever and a great pixelmon server. The quality on this server is pretty legit and the staff has been very friendly and helpful.

Higher legendary spawn rates
Very active and interactive staff
Freebies galore
Plenty of tournaments
Highly active server
Regular updates
can set as many /home as you like
can claim land easily with little expense

Flight lag (soon to be fixed from what I hear)
Can't hide notice spam in the chat
A lot of cobblestone mess everywhere, but that's any public sever
can lose items or pokemon in rare glitches (the staff makes you whole again)
Donor ranks with /fly.

Overall, this has been my 2nd pixelmon experience, the first only consisting of a few hours before I went looking for a new sever. I have yet to find a good reason to leave the server, it's been great playing with the folks, staff, and pokes on Harmony. Give it a try, you won't regret it ;-)
By Sidorino
#195963 This server is without doubt the best pixelmon server I've played on.

The shiny starters are great, and the community is nice and helpful. I also like the lottery-like vote crates a lot as they are much more fun than other vote crate systems I've seen. The fact that you can have several homes is also a big plus. I have nothing negative to say about the server so far.

- Sidorino
By SlipperyHamster
#196257 I have been playing for week now and so far the server is amazing but the npc gyms rewards are not working so little minus from that but overall the community is great, helpers are friendly. The spawn rate of pokemos is very good compared to other serves this server has it just right!

IGN: EetuDragon
By DJP214
#196527 I found this server a couple of weeks ago and my experience regarding has been nothing short of phenomenal. This server is home to a great community that welcomes and helps you out all of the time. The players are very friendly and the events and compositions are extremely fun to compete in. I would recommend that anyone looking to join a server to give this one a try. I am sure you will enjoy your time!