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By LordDeej
#197501 In my honest opinion the server is pretty fun staff is nice and helpful other players aren't really toxic with the exception of a special few who are swiftly dealt with. Having unlimited homes is also another favorite feature as well as a nice advantage when it comes to hunting legendaries and leveling. Also having a town is nice when you want to protect your builds all in all its a pretty chill server with a server for more casual players as well as a hardcore server for the masochist
By darkvigh
#197504 reason i love this server. the moment i started training my pokemon i noticed this server is not the same as the other i have played the staff help me the moment i have a problem the other players help me when im in need and overall the server is great and im thinking of buying a rank
By ChasingBen
#197511 I have been playing on this server for a few weeks to a month and 1/2 now and I honestly love it. This is 1 of 3 servers that I have ever liked enough to stick with it. I like that this server isn't too difficult to get started but isn't easy to finish either. The staff on this server are amazing and are on top of things. If a player has a ?, they have an answer. The rules on this server are also reasonable. The way the server is set up is amazing. I also like how u can make towns with your friends or with new people that you meet along the way. The community is just astonishing. The people that aren't staff are there to help you with a second thought. When I first started, I asked a question about something and I got tons of responses that were written in the nicest ways possible. I just love that I can be able to play pixelmon knowing that I don't have to google something every time that I have a question.
By nitrofoxy
#197523 This server is hands down my favorite pixelmon server! The staff are also really nice! For example yesterday I lost a lugia because of a glitch and one of the staff kindly gave one to me. I also like the fact that they have shiny starters and how well for me it isn't that hard to get a legendary. Well thats all I have to say about this server once again it is a amazing server and I really recommend it to anyone who is looking for a pixelmon server. :-D
By boogiecousins15
#198252 Pixelmon Harmony is definitely a must-play server. Has a great staff, weekly tournaments, and a shiny starter to start out your adventure. Totally recommend this great server to anyone who's having trouble finding one they enjoy!