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By Vig
#197238 Out of the many Pixelmon servers I've been on, this would be in my top 2. This is one of the servers that I've been to that has a great community, great staff, and a great server in total. You don't find much servers like this anymore, I'm glad I found harmony and had the chance to play on it.
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By Herotrin
#197239 This server is really great. This is possibly the longest I've stayed on a server and not been too bored. I give it props for the many different things you can do and purchase from the store. I also really like the vote shop system. It actually gives you good things for voting not just money and stuff. Anyway Amazing server!
By Logangotajob
#197240 I would first off love to say how much I just love this Server!! I am very addicted, and the admins/mods/owners etc. are always active. The shiny starters are very unique, legendaries spawn at a decent rate which is not too OP but very good. Although there is much lag, the staff are working very hard to give you as much of a pleasurable time as possible. I would recommend this server to anyone who loves pixelmon! 10/10 great server, cant get enough of it!
By Hybenti
#197275 So far I'm really liking this server! One of the biggest things that set it apart for me was the fact that you get Books right when you join that tell you all about the server, gives you helpful knowledge, and a beginners guide! This is really awesome, I'm often so confused when I first join a server so that helped a lot. The staff seem really involved and it's a really vibrant exciting server to me :)
By fallingstartogethit
#197293 This server is great.
The server has a grinding aspect that usually brings you back. Money has a better purpose, as there is an auctioning plugin where you can buy from other players or sell to other players. The server also has full time staff, so any problems would be almost instantly solved (rarely any problems). Please note that some staff aren't mature enough to handle small problems, so stay away from them. You would never want to come back if you ever interact with them.
Other than that, it is almost perfect.
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By Exiledcreeper
#197305 I actually love t his server, I have always liked build big buildings and with the Towns plugin, it allows you to really get a big area and keep it safe, So I can build all the huge awesome buildings I love to make.

Plus my shiny Charizard is awesome. :P