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By PapaFuranku
#197226 I've been playing for over a month so far and I can honestly say this is a great server. It has its issues that needs to be worked on such as lag and all around server performance. But all in all this is an amazing server and is very fun to play on. :nerd:
By NikMx
#197228 PixelmonHarmony is the only server that I have been able to find that offers everything I've looked for in Pixelmon. The community is great for the most part, and it's a genuinely fun and relaxing experience every time I play. The mix of a functional auction house and fully-fledged economy really complete this server and puts itself above the others. Let alone the tournaments add a whole other level of experiences and challenges.

The staff are all very friendly and helpful, and are willing to listen and help whenever there is an issue. Any complaints I could have written about, they were able to fully fix in an extremely timely manner.

Easily the best PIxelmon server on which I've played; hands down.
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By Gruntslayer
#197229 This is a really good server; It has nice people that will help you out if you ever have any problems, tons of legendaries to after, tons of land you can claim, and it is very organized, also the chat is very funny, I recommend trying out this server to everyone.
By WolfRuin
#197230 I haven't been on the sever for very long, but through out the time that I have been on the server I has enjoyed it thoroughly. There is a great community on this server, honestly its one of the best that I have witnessed in a long time. The members and staff are always there to talk and help out from the littlest to the biggest things. this is one of the best servers I have been on.
By IchBinDanii
#197231 I am new to this server (actually, new to Pixelmon entirely) and so far it has been a great experience. I have noticed a little lag, but I know that's to be expected on many servers and it honestly hasn't bothered me much. I'm not one to participate in chats but the community seems very friendly and I wouldn't feel at all out of place if I joined in. Overall I definitely see myself playing much more on this server. I couldn't wait to get home so I could play some more!
By Noobletex
#197233 to keep it short, this is a great server. amazing community that is very welcoming and helpful. The staff is better than every other pixelmon server i've been on.
the only problem i have with this server is the lag spikes , they arent very often,but when they do happen you will notice it.
By zpm99
#197234 Of all the servers I've played on this by far remains the leader. There's always plenty of people on, even upwards of 20-30 in late-night (3am - 7am) which is fabulous for me as that's when I find the most time to play. The admins are always helpful about any situation which may arise. And I haven't seen anything indicative of a pay2win atmosphere which is very refreshing.
It isn't to say the server is without faults; the NPC gym battle league has been down for some time, the elevators were broken going into 5.0.2 but all in all, I'm happy to call the harmonic server of Pixelmon Harmony my home.