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By Dysthymic
#183174 Pixelmon Harmony
Pixelmon 5.1.2

Towns- Build your own town with friends
Gym Leaders- Challenge real players for badges
Events- Frequent tournaments and events with epic prizes and loads of fun
Shiny Starters- Start off with a super rare Starter Pokemon
Friendly- A friendly community safe for everybody :)
Homes- Set UNLIMITED homes! No limit :)
Poke Master Challenges- Complete insane challenges for epic rewards
Unofficial Gyms- Conquer over 50 different NPC gyms for rewards and extra fun
Vote Shop- A feature rich Vote Shop to get rewarded in loot for FREE
Pixelmon Auctions- Auction up your Pokemon
Keys- An LWC style chest locking system to keep your items safe
WonderTrade- Swap out your Pokemon for a random one! We regularly put in LEGENDARIES
Safari Zone- Built into our massively fun and interactive spawn! Gather over 20 daily Pokeloot scattered around spawn
Wednesday Giveaways- Every Wednesday you can claim a bunch of free loot
Lottery- Play it and win it big
Shulker Box Style Chests- Break a chest with items in it and it'll become a portable backpack like chest! Simply place it back down to gain access to all of the contents once again
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By xXChandlerXx
#183213 This is one of the best pixelmon server!!! I've gotten the ability to be a gym leader, isn't that sweet. They offer real Gym leader. there are the 42 Unofficial gyms, Npc gyms, and they have 8 real people Gyms. They have very nice and mature staff, I'd say the best it the Owner Dysthymic. Great new server and already tons of people just opened today actually. If you're reading this and need a pixelmon server. THIS! IS! THE! ONE!
By VoicezBox
#183215 I'd say this is one of the best pixelmon servers i'v been on, and thats without exaggeration. Lets go over this servers Pros/Cons. Some of the pros include, player gyms: love em and the idea of them, add a fun goal to go towards. Speaking of gyms, what do i do if a gym leader is offline? i fight one of the 50'ish NPC gym leaders which not only give you experience but rewards for winning, and who doesn't love free stuff? Also, goals, say you get late game and have a good team and get bored, well thats when you go for the pokemaster award. this award gives you some free really good items; however, to get this award you have to complete some really difficult challanges such as catching every legendary or Fully iv breeding a pokemon. These are just some of the Pros, there is only 1 con i can think of. This is that the shops on the server dont really include some held items, the Shop only include farm supplies, vanilla minerals, and every single TM. in the end id probably give the server a 8/10, and id love to see more people on it.
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By Dysthymic
#183351 Thanks for the kind words!
We've got a lot of bug fixes patched. Final batch of fixes should be put in tonight.
Then we can focus on the fun part- more custom unique features that'll blow your mind!

We are looking for future Gym Leaders and Staff. Visit our website for more information.
By Kvori
#184905 Hello,
i found this server a week ago and my experience with it has been nothing but great.
okay the server had some troubles when i joined, but it was a beta server what did you expect? Staff never cease to amaze me, very helpful and great at fixing problems that the server had + they keep contact and inform you of what they are doing during maintenance or what they are going to implement and etc... i've met lots of new people all very helpful and now friends of me. The server has a great community and the server can only rise higher. See you in game!

IGN: ColossuS_xX
By BoomDynamite17
#184935 Overall, this is by far the best server that I've played on. The spawn is absolutely amazing, and I love how big the world is. I get to make my own house, and I actually have to look for Pokemon instead of just finding them everywhere!
By blakesta12837
#184946 I used to hate this server not going to lie. Would spawn in with horrible lag and TONS of rollbacks. HOWEVER the admin team worked hard to fix this and it made the server great no rollbacks and barely any lag. At about 3:30 EST On August 31st, the server hit 100 players, this was our record and the staff went mental spawning tons of legendaries and dropping items all over making this my favorite server ever! 100% incredible! definitely join

IGN: bosman12837