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By Clevindians
#195683 This server has a bit of lag, but the large world size allows players to build their won towns to a size that would accommodate their needs. The spawn is extremely well built and exhibits many cool traits no present on many other servers. Very good server.
#195783 The server is pretty fun in my opinion, one of the most popular pixelmon servers I've seen in a long time. I thoroughly enjoy the way it's set up and the auctioning and towny system. I really don't have any complaints towards the server, the staff are friendly and the playerbase overall is very non-toxic. Overall, a very fun and nice server, keep up the good work.

By Hemomancer
#195794 Pixelmon Harmony is a great server. I would rate it a 8/10. I love the town feature, I love the infinite homes, and I love the staff. I like the shiny starters, except it doesn't feel as special for me since I like to earn shiny's. I have spent countless hours on the server and have bought a rank for it. I think it could improve by adding... ugh, I can't think of any suggestions. But it is really a great server. I wish that more trainer NPCs would spawn since I am need for money. I also think that it is a bit pay to win-ish. You just pay for a 100% iv ditto and now almost all of your pokemon are perfect. Other than those few things, I think this is the best Pixelmon Server.
#195809 So far I've enjoyed the server.There is little to no lag, the spawn rates are nice without feeling too boosted, the people are pretty cool and the admins seem kind . Overall i can't make any complaints. It's my favorite server to date :)
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By MinatoGaming06
#195810 I found this server very interesting because of all the friendly people in it , a lot of staff do there job very very well helping new players , welcoming them and such more.
This server is one of my favorites MC servers of all times because of the reasons above
Hope more players joins the server too would be glad to see more people find this great great server

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By Revokedz
#195811 So I joined this server recently with my League of Legends friend and honestly I don't need to make up anything to show my appreciation for this server. This server is truly filled with tons of different plugins and addons that make this server better than any other pixelmon server I've ever seen or played. It's got helpful staff, a good community, and an overall amazing list of things they've done differently from other servers.