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By MageBlaze
#195813 This server is very nice to my liking. I like that we get our starter as shiny. The spawn is very well built and allows for trainers to get some good pixelmon of the bat without any hassle. I have not been playing for long but I already know I will continue to play this game for a long time.
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By LadyBubblez
#195815 The community itself it welcoming and are very much happy to answer any question you may have. The legendary spawn rate is very much fair indeed, and I feel everyone has a chance to get a legendary which when ive played on other servers it has been near impossible without putting any money into the server. The staff are VERY helpful and are happy to help. When catching a latias, the battle glitched and was not possible to catch, I alerted a member of staff and they were very much happy to help. All I would say is the server is slightly laggy, but that is just because of how popular it is. All around I would check this server out if you havnt already. ^_^
By Plomberk
#195816 I've played on this for a few weeks now and these are my thoughts:

+ Good auctioning sytem, both for pokemons and for items.
+ A well worked town-system which prevents people from being griefed and having their towns destroyed.
+ Friendly and active staff that always seems to be accommodating.
+ Regular tournaments with fun requirements.
+ A good/cheap shop that gives you the opportunity to build a fantastic town whilst you're catching them all.
+ And a development team that always seem to finding ways of improving the server.

- Sometimes there is a bit of block-lag.
- Everything feels super-expensive at start, but you will make money pretty quick. So far there is no good way of stopping the current inflation that's going on imo.

Overall a very good server and I definitely recommend you to check it out.

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By BlueSlimes
#195902 This is really an awesome server with average of 50+ - 100+ players per day is quite a successful one ! Joined few days ago and I have gotten a lot of help from players there which makes me feel very happy and influence me to help others as well ! Best thing about this server is the awesomeness of the players there :D
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By xXLadyBugXx
#195941 I really enjoy playing on Pixelmon Harmony. They have great, helpful staff members who answer all questions. I really like how there are events held quite often and the owner is very active on the server. At some times when there are 100+ players online there can be lag but, its understandable. :)
By Albinosauen
#195944 I recently joined this server, and I must say I already think this one is one of the best servers I have played on!

First of all, you get a shiny starter pokemon, which is awesome!
If you vote for the server, you get voting points that you can spend in the web shop, and a key to get a random item from the vote crate in-game.
The community and staff seems very helpful.
There's lots of pokemon in spawn, which makes it easy for a starter to begin catching them all
++ a lot more stuff like tournaments, a good action system and multiple homes.
About lag and such, it happens very rarely to me in this server
I can see myself playing on this server for quite a while

- Albinosauen