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By Alucard3600
#199495 I have only been a member of Pixelmon Harmony for a few days, but already, I have had some of the best experiences that I can remember in pixelmon. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and so is the community, a lot of other servers are not as newbie friendly as this one, also their starter kit and shop system make it so you will always have pokeballs to use!
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By Hevelc
#199507 This is a great easy survival server for pixelmon. It allows you to create your own town with friends to claim areas of land to build on and allows you to use /sethome as many times as you like to save interesting areas you might find using /rtp.

You also receive a shiny starter that you can level to complete their Pokemaster Challenge. Wondertrade and a chest mod that keeps items in the chest after breaking so you can store a bunch of items in the chest, break it and put it in you inventory to access later.
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By TropieR
#199510 This server is currently my favorite server, they have active staff that have knowledge. Staff are friendly, anwser fast and solve your problems. Server has cool npc gyms and player gyms. It has Harmony for more chill gameplay, and chaos for more "try hard" gameplay.
By Joshyyboyy7
#199514 This server is very well monitored by extremely friendly staff! You actually get to feel personal with the staff as if they were a following player because they play pixelmon along with you! This server has many great features and add-ons to enhance the pixelmon experience such as Wonder Trade and even and Auction House, these allow you to obtain those special pokemon you really strive to obtain through alternative means! Along with the gameplay and staff, the community of fellow pixelmon trainers are very friendly and helpful, no staff online? ask a fellow player and they may be able to help you as much a staff could! (with the exception of technical and internal bugs and errors that are out of the players control) In the end, this server is amazing with its options of Pixelmon Harmony (easier, more chill and laid back) and Chaos (more difficult and grindy)!
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By Warheroine
#199520 I haven't really been playing the server much as of yet but it seems pretty great. There is always a few staffmembers online so you can easily get help if needed and I really enjoy the feature of "vote points" since it makes it easier for the free-to-play players to get fancy things without having to pay for it with irl money. Overall I think I will stick around for quite a while here :-D
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By SwKali
#199528 I only joined recently but I only see positive points about this server, whenever you got a problem there is always someone to help you ! The server include a lot of fancy features and donators/free to play players can coexist thanks to a daily vote system and free giveway every wednesday/Fancy ranks at different price with different perks to help improving the server. I have been no-lifing the server since I joined and I think I will keep it that way for a while. Great Job Guys !
By smors
#199530 This server is extremely friendly with their staff and family friendly rules! The staff is always supportive and willing to help newer players. The community is always helpful to each other also and they hold smaller events that are beneficial to everybody that participates. I personally recommend this server if you are okay with low spawn rate Pokemon in the wilderness but a wonderful community
By Koodles
#199534 This server is not only the first and only Mindcraft Mod i've ever played, it is one of the best games I've played in awhile. The gameboy games were a huge part off my younger days and the competitiveness has always fascinated me. This mod, and this server in particular, brings that feeling to a 3D, immersive environment. I love everything about the setting except the 'chat nazi' situation that has came from this server. It ruins the community connection in my opinion. You can't say anything or disagree with someone without being warned or scolded. It makes me never use the chat system if I don't absolutely have to.

TLDR; Great game, crappy over moderated chat system.