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By Hiroku
#183839 Image

Survival | Relaxed Community | Multiworld | Pixelmon World + Monster World | Beautiful Builds | Pokédex Completion Ranks | Gyms | Polis Towns | Custom Quests | Sparkly Portals | Trivia | TM Trade

Server IP:
Fancy Website:
Discord: Click me!

Welcome to ObliqueMC!
We've been in development for too long quite a while, and we're finally done with all of the building! There was also the matter of getting a few dozen quests written up to start off, but hey, that's none of my business. I mean, it's my code, but nah man, none of my business. You're able to proceed in rank from Premier to Poké to Ultra, etc, by capturing more Pokémon and completing your Pokédex!

The community on our server is one of the best you'll ever come across, if not the best; we're all here because we enjoy being here, and our staff are just as likely to joke around with you as anyone else is. Our server is quite unique, in that amongst other things we have an accessible second world in which instead of Pokémon there are monsters. There's also PvP in the monster world, so I'd be looking at my friends with suspicion if I were you.

In the Pixelmon world we have a stack of towns, and they are really worth exploring! The picture above was that of Skadi, the ice town, and it's really quite a beautiful place. All of the towns are though, so there's nothing I recommend more than exploring the different towns. There are many things to discover!

There's a whole stack of things that we're going to be adding as time goes on, many of which things that have never been done before.
Rasgnarok will be bossing me around for a long time yet, I fear.

Here's a little list of what ObliqueMC is running:
- PokeDex Ranks - in our server, you truly do have to catch them all! Prizes are awarded as you move from rank to rank, completing your PokeDex.
- Gyms - we feature a player-staffed system of Gyms, starting from level 25 to 100! You get cool warps and prizes on beating the leader of the Gym!
- Full Economy - not only do we have NPC shops customized to your liking, we also have a Jobs plugin as well as a TM trade system and WonderTrade!
- Towns - we are currently running Polis, a towny-like plugin that lets you claim land cost-free!
- Invite A Friend - Liked the server so far? Good! If you invite one of your friends and they stay for a while, both of you will receive a random shiny, rare candies and masterballs!
- Quests - Anyone else got bored of those random spawning Legends? We sure did. At ObliqueMC, you can fulfill quests and go through adventurous objectives to get Legendaries, rare pokemon, shinies and discover hidden locations!
- Adventure/Survival - ObliqueMC is proud to be the first Pixelmon server on a hybrid setup. You can do /rtp to get to the wilderness, or explore our custom map with 8 beautiful custom towns!
- Active Community - Be it Staff members, players or guests, Oblique always has something going on! You can jump on our very own Discord to chat with others!
- Enjin - we would not be complete without our lovely customized Enjin website! Join us there to check guides, walkthroughs, suggest a feature or report issues! You can even check out our Meme, is 10/10 quality.
- 0 Pay To Win - We are proud to announce Oblique is not Pay To Win!

I hope you'll jump on to at least try us out, and if you do then you really need to check out Skadi. Bloody ripper of a town, it is.


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By Rasgnarok
#184059 We are looking for staffers too! If you are interested in joining, we have gym leader, moderators and builder/loremaster positions open. You can bump into the Discord and chat with us, or fill out old-fashion applications, in our !
By alexmoreso
#184162 in the last days I 've tried a lot of pixelmon servers and no doubt this , with only 2 days of life is the best for me, has good atmosphere, the staff is solving failures that arise, the map is beautiful, the quest are interesting and the people are great .
100 % recommended especially if you prefer a more social and not with 200 people who ignore you experencia .
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By whackedenforce
#184413 This server for being new is the first one that I can truly say has a good stance against many of the other bigger servers. I started back when Pixelmon first came out on the orignal red and blue servers with the tiny spawn came out and after not playing since Pixelmon 3.0 this server has got me back into it. Below are some features I found amazing about the server.

-Huge custom map.
-Not Pay to Win
-Lots to explore and uses the most recent beta versions of Pixelmon (Always updating)

Come try it out people trust me it is a very nice experience.
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By Dothel
#186199 Can honestly say that this server broke my hiatus of playing minecraft/pixelmon from just how well this server is
Its got alot of good quailites
- Amazing custom map
- Friendliest community i've seen yet
I would highly recommend playing on this server for an amazing time.
By Jeffthewolf
#186201 tbh i use to play a lot than i found this awesome amazing pixelmon server that i would play everyday but then the owner shut it down and i got off and quit util i found this one the nice people on here help you out in mostly anyway its a real friendly community plus pixelmon and the mobs sooo cool i can catch pokemon or kill mods with friends and the custom towns on here soo amazing i would say this is a server that anyone should give a try. but time to get back to catch'em all later. :-)