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By Magiseth
#191614 (Copied from original posting on

First impression of the server from around a full day of play time:

Oblique starts very strong by giving its new players many tutorial books to quickly familiarize players with the server rules and basic commands as well as gyms.

Gyms are run by real people, a big plus in my opinion, as npcs just cannot provide the intensity for a battle that a person can.

The spawn area is very well built, and their towns around the adventure islands look just as beautiful. Pokemon around spawn are quite plentiful, however many are higher levels and make it quite difficult to begin your adventure if you want to experience the islands before going to the wild. Wild and especially water pokemon are a bit more difficult to find, but this is forgivable because we all know what kind of lag a server suffers from being overwhelmed with pokemon.

Staff here are quite friendly and knowledgeable. They are attentive to players, and nearly everyone on the staff can provide gym battles, somewhat alleviating the down times of gyms found when you use real player gyms. However, many of them cannot do every gym, so do expect that they will be closed sometimes. With that said, I have yet to see people wait very long for gym battles. I personally have not challenged them yet, so I can not speak to their challenge, but I do know that their gyms offer 2 challenge levels, a first that I have seen in servers.

The best part about having adventure islands is that they did not forget about building elements. The server has a random teleport to bring you out to the wilderness, where you can claim land via a Polis plugin and make your own base/town. Many adventure servers are pure adventure, and it takes a lot of the joy away from the base Minecraft game. Speaking of which, there is a world where mobs can spawn as well if you wish to have them in your game. I haven't played there because I don't wish that.

If I have to take anything away from Oblique, I would have to say that beginning here is hard. Again, having so many high level pokemon around spawn, some of them aggressive, can send you back to a healer quickly. The road to the first town is difficult to follow as well, a confusing design choice as when you get to the next road to follow, its very clear where you're supposed to go. The first road is broken up, and sometimes there are great gaps between the blocks. I got lost a few times due to this. Equally confusing is the placed npcs. Many on the road to the first city are higher than the second road, and some higher than the first gym's level cap. Its also not immediately clear that they gyms are in said towns. I finally upon re-inspection noticed signs in the spawn area that list gyms and towns, but the town names aren't given to you right off the bat, so when I first saw them I assumed they were leader's names.

In short:
+Tutorial books
+Beautiful builds
+Adventure and Survival in the same server, as well as optional mob world
+Real player gyms with plentiful leaders
+Discord server chat
+Many useful plugins, such as Polis and Jobs
-Confusing beginning roads
-Difficult to begin
By Sibit28
#192989 Claims there is no pay to win yet they sell EXP boosters on their website.

Now follow my logic if you can, the point of the game is to catch all the Pokemon and level them, EXP boosters can be purchased so the grinding isn't as hard or as long. It's not an instant pay to win but you are still paying to have an easier and faster experience than others.

I suppose you could argue that it's like Clash of Clans, pay to progress not pay to win, still it's freemium at best.
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By Hiroku
#192997 I don't think you read very deeply into them. Those experience boosters are global. If you buy one, everyone benefits. It gives you zero advantage over anyone else, because the moment you give yourself that boost, everyone else gets it.

You're using the PixelmonTechnicFix, a mod designed to workaround Pixelmon's ban against Technic. We don't support people who won't support Pixelmon.