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By Rasgnarok
#188362 Loving the positive reviews so far! Let us know what you want added - we will do as you all please.

Small update, we added Invite A Friend - now you can invite another player to the game, and if you both play after a while, you'll receive shinies, rare candies and masterballs!
What more could you ever ask for?
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By Rasgnarok
#188453 Starting today, Oblique will be nominating Ultimate Memes found in the #memecontest channel of our Discord. Staff will be picking the best memes from there, and awarding one Rare Candy for each nominated meme that a player submits. Additionally, those memes will be kept for posterity in our upcoming Meme Gallery. Every month, we will post the best memes out there, making sure to credit the Meme Dealer that posted them in the channel.

Want to participate? Just join our Discord(using the link here) and post your best memes.

May the best Meme Dealer win!
By CaseyVertz
#188464 My name is Casey I am the Minecraft Amino app Community Leader.

I am also a youtuber by the name of Casey Vertz. My channel is small but I advertise on a community of over 290,000 users who all love minecraft. I am recording a little bit on the Oblique server. Check out this link for the video after today: ... RQgKc9_8Fw

Also consider downloading the Amino app and if you are an Oblique server Admin you are welcome to contact me and advertise. the link for Amino app is:

Just tap the leader tab in the menu and click my name: Jack Skeelington (Halloween) or Casey Vertz any other day of the year.
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By Rasgnarok
#188601 Yesss, so happy to see this going \o/
I'd like to extend a warm welcome to everyone posting up here, and playing with us on Oblique! We are very, very glad to have you all.
If you want to get help joining, or have suggestions, do hit us up on our website, .

We have many many things and store, we only need YOU to participate~