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By IamLucario
#187666 PassionMC

Hey guys! Thanks for checking us out. We are currently a small community server with a 24/7 quality host. Our server is in the alpha / beta stage and we are expanding our ever growing world every day!

We use, and will always use the latest versions of Minecraft (1.10.2) and Pixelmon (5.0.1) Our server is aimed towards Adventure / Survival. We have many custom Towns / NPC gyms / Player gyms / EV gardens / Boss Towers / Custom quests for your adventure, survival, leisure, and competition pleasure! We also have a variety of features, such as, Weekly events, Tourneys, Earnable ranks, and Kits to name a few!

We have custom plugins as well as essential / entertainment plugins for your enjoyment! Some of these include but are not limited to Pixel-auctions, Team Conquest, Economy, Player Gyms, Grief Prevention, and Player Shops plus many more!

Server IP:

Discord: (Join us today!)

You can also apply for Staff positions over at
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By IamLucario
#191449 I would also like to add that due to our honest lack of players, those of you that would like to join have an extremely high chance of being granted special in-game permissions (such as creative mode, etc.) We are very interested in growing our population and being the best server that we can be!