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By OnanTheMan
#195872 Oh Pixity where to start. I'll start with the good.

The Good:
    * The community it does have is very friendly, looking at almost any of the other "reviews" on this page will tell you that.
    * Decent Spawn point, nothing that really wows you, but its simplistic and for the most part serves it purpose very well.
    * The biomes are custom and a nice change, aside from the sunflower plains.
    * The staff that is active, i stress the IS there, is always ready to help, and generally very pleasant to deal with.
    * The whole competitive battling aspect has some cool ideas, a champion rank that would go exclusively to one person who has bested the Elite 4 and defended it against others who also beat the Elite 4, as an idea this would be awesome.
    *Player run Gyms, I liked them much better than the NPC gyms.

Now for the Bad:
    * The staff is very hands off, As of right now, Only one Admin really comes on semi-regularly, with one active Mod, and two-three helpers.
    * There is no Safari Zone, if you want to look for something, you'll need to travel around the wild hoping for the biome you need or a kind player to help you out, some may like that more though.
    * The whole competitive battling side is in shambles right now, The head gym leader is working on it, so hopefully it will get it fixed. But as of this time only 2-3 gym leaders have been picked out, and even then i'm only sure of one gym, its flying btw. No regular tournaments, i don't really recall them ever having one actually.
    * The events are few, maybe one or two a month, and most of what I've seen, they aren't very impressive, the lack of active builders may play into this.

The community is the main reason you should give this server a chance, what little one it does have, it is very friendly, mostly thanks to the few active staff members. It's got some good ideas, but doesn't really take advantage of them, right now at least. I will update my review in the future.
By cobraattack23
#195929 I think this is a great way to encourage players to continue playing on this server. By giving them a shiny, specifically an unevolved one, they are motivated to evolve it, and along the way, they see how great this server is, so they stay.