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By ShadowXDS1
Welcome To PixelmonRealmz

Server IP:
Discord Link:

Read The Bottem For The Shiny Pokemon And Follow What It Says

Welcome To Pixelmon Realmz
This Server is a friendly pixelmon server with very high spawn rates.
This Server has a Adventure in it where you can battle trainers on the routes to help
level you up to face the gyms btw the gyms are not easy to beat they are a challenge to beat
but thats the point. The Elite 4 is here aswell come find out if you have what it takes to
beat all 8 Pixelmon Gyms and Elite 4 on this server many have tryed many have failed
only a few have made it to the Elite 4 come try your luck here see how far you can get.
There is normaly some kind of staff on the server and if their is not any then msg one of us
on discord theres a link for it at the top of this post along with the server Ip.
We try to update the server as soon as the mod updates and we are adding more plugins
to make the Adventure more fun for everyone. You also can still make your very own house here to
if you like.

Keep Inventory
1 Free Prefect Shiny Pokemon
Friendly Staff and Fun Trainer
Active Staff
Safari Zone
Ev Traing Area
Pokemon Buy/Sell
4x Spawn Rates
Legendary Spawns
Npc Gyms
Npc Elite 4
Player Gyms
GameShark Is Allowed
Friendly Community
Weekly Events
Buyable Ranks

Event Info:
The Kind Of Events We Have
Drop Partys
Shiny Heaven
Find The Chest And Answer A ? And Get A Pokemon
And More...

Shiny Pokemon Steps To Follow:
-1: Like This Post
-2: Join The Server Ip:
-3: Join The WebSite (Link):
-4: Join The Discord (Link):
-5: Copy The Following And Make A Reply Here
-6: Contact Staff For Pokemon

Evs Max Is= 0-255 (252 In 2 StatesRecommended)

Link For Natures:
Link For Pokemon/Setup For Evs:

(Can't Be These Pokemon)
Eevee And Evolutions
Larvitar And Evolutions
Dratini And Evolutions
Beldum And Evolutions
Bagon And Evolutions
Riolu And Evolution
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