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By AceeCF
#192599 The server is so professional i love it, the server is awesome :P
By Shadelin
#192612 OK, tried out the server... been on it about 3 hours or so... Decent movement (near no lag) there is 2 /homes for new players (which is really helpful). People on the server are friendly and will give you assistance (info/ideas) .
Over all, server is very sturdy. I will enjoy spending time on this server since it is upgraded to 5.0 and it has a lot of things for me to try out.
By Timtommytom
#192691 This is the best pixelmon server because you don't have to worry about dying and all that stuff that ruins the fun also ur starter is shiny which is amazing cuz u know it gives u a feeling that ur pokemon is unique compared to ur other ones anyway this server is amazing
By RealTNTGuardianLord
#192693 Hey this server is awesome warps 2 all biomes ev training and othere awesome stuff plus it has a great community going it may be small but there are nice people who play on here this server is great and you should play on it :angel: :-) :-D ;-)

IGN TNTGuardianLord
By misstoasty1900
#192738 So far this is one of the best server i've played on in the past few weeks. I've only played for a day or so but in that time I already know I'll be playing on the server for a long while. The server is usually pretty empty with only two or three other people on when i'm playing, but this is a good thing, since the server lags hardly at all (Even then it's laggy because of me, not the server). Everyone seems nice and helpful which makes for a better playing experience. Overall, the spawn is really well made, I really like having a shiny starter pokemon, and the no hunger/fall damage is wonderful since I always fall down mountains and such. Anyways, 10/10 on the server, I do hope to catch em all!!