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By TacticalTickler
#197570 OddOneOut is our first minigame of the server! Think of it as betting in game. You enter and pay money and people begin to die off. It is quick and simple. Last person alive wins the rewards! This plugin is still in testing though, if you are interesting you can come help me test :D
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By cal4d2
#197793 I heard there are new ways of getting more claim blocks, any idea when this is coming out? Awesome server btw very nice and friendly community.

10/10 Rating
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By Dhumak
#197794 Been on the server for a few days now, and its been pretty fun :P But the naturally spawning legendaries seem to differ in spawn rates day-to-day is that intentional??? I've been struggling to get some of the rarer ones to spawn and they just wont for some reason, might just be bad luck :-(
Overall, really nice builds, staff, and general plugins. Could use some work on P2W things, and just general balancing of spawns. Economy is pretty rough but it seems a little unfair to new players imo, the older players have a lot of money and newer ones struggle a lot at the start. But most of the older players seem willing to help at the start so its somewhat helpful. But the economy and the donor options should be worked on a bit more in my opinion. 8.95/10 :nerd:
By davidss999
#198064 I love this server! Wonderful staff, very useful but non-intrusive plugins, player and npc gyms, events, a great community, everything I have been looking for. If your in the market for a new pixelmon server I would definitely give this one a look.
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By TacticalTickler
DarkAngel0727 wrote:I heard that a backpack mod is coming soon, when will that be roughly? :D

We just received our backpack mod today actually! We will implement it ASAP with our new leveling system that is being worked on currently! Stay tuned :)