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By TacticalTickler
#192040 What PokeGeared offers:
-Shiny Starters
-Player gyms
-Player E4 and Champion
-Global Trading System
-Professional builds for your eyes to be blessed
-A discord to chat with the friendly community and staff

Have you ever wanted to play pixelmon on a public server, but still get the feeling of a nice community? PokeGeared is a new server which offers one of the most community oriented server experiences possible. How we do it? We aren't in it for the money, we make this server to fill the need of a server made for players to enjoy, not to throw money at. Though we do offer paid ranks, the profits go back into the server to continually improve. We offer various minigames which anyone can compete in to earn great prizes! Parkour, Easter eggs, Pokémon themed riddles, and even more! We have professional builders who create mind-blowing structures with Easter eggs hidden throughout. If you are a PokéPro, you should apply to become a gym leader! You can challenge and lead over eight professionally built gyms to gain badges in order to show your superiority over the rest of the server! Join now at

We will always remain updated on the pixelmon version to keep the players interested. If you cannot join our server then be sure to have the latest version of pixelmon.
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By CynicalSilas
#194657 This is a great server, a lot of benefits like Wonder Trading, TM Trading, claiming your plot is simple and easy to start up. This is the first Pixelmon server I've played, but I'm having a ton of fun playing this addicting version of Pixelmon. You can claim daily and weekly kits that aid your adventures through the world of Pixelmon as well. To top it all off, everyone is really nice and helpful! Some great mods and owners of the server! 10/10 would recommend!
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By DerpPenquin
#195042 This server is amazing. One of the best spawns ever built. An amazingly supportive and helpful staff. If you need a server with enthralling Gyms ran by actual players, a safari zone, PvP and a super competitive atmosphere. Hidden Abilities, Shinies and all that are traded among players and you will feel at home with your new found friends. Everyone is willing to help you and there is NO LAG. This makes the server basically the best in 1.10.2. I cant wait to see this server grow more than it already has. The ranks are worth it and I guarantee you will love every moment of your stay. :party: :party: :party: :ninja:
By Allstar531
#195876 This server is great! They do a fantastic job of helping everyone feel welcome! I have been trying to find server that's fun, humble, and not nescessary to pay money to be up to par with everyone else. I think it is very fair to everyone, has an amazing staff and is the best pixelmon server I have ever played by far! 12/10!