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By PixelmonRealms
#192657 ♚Pixelmon♚Realms♚
♚Pixelmon 5.1.2
♚Minecraft 1.10.2

Pixelmon Realms is a newly released server and here to stay. The server runs on a dedicated machine allowing us to achieve 20 tps at all times (NO LAG!). Features of the server include:

♚ Level 15 Shiny Starters: The server provides the typical beloved starter choices with a slight level boost to facilitate the new players!

♚ Increased Spawn Rate: At Pixelmon Realms you can expect to be showered by Pokémon with a spawn rate 4-5 times higher than the default!

♚ 24/7 Server Uptime: Unless something out of hands happens, you can expect the server to never be down!

♚ Various Events: The server has a continuous string of running events to ensure players can have new fun experiences!

♚ Friendly Staff: The staff team is carefully picked out from the most active and helpful members of the community!

♚ Land Protection: Pixelmon Realms provides players a way to protect what belongs to them!

♚ And lots more just than these!!!!
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By WitheredSamurai
#192695 Excellent server with helpful staff, friendly players, and the increased spawn rates really help with training! I would recommend this server to everyone who loves Pixelmon. 10/10 IGN M9
By Alster13
#192715 Personally, I find this server one of the top. It may be small, but what it has it sure as heck does well. The roughly 5x higher spawn rates make it so that there are always pokemon about to fight. Legends seem to spawn a lot as well!
I would recommend this server to anyone if they be a newcomer to pixelmon or a veteran.

(P.S. I heard Gyms and Elite 4 are on the way :})
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By PixelmonRealms
ShadowXDS1 wrote:Hey Just A heads up my server name is the same as yours Mine is PixelmonRealmz

I noticed this however I will not be changing my name due to my domain being registered on 2016-10-08 while your enjin website was created on Dec 4, 16. I would request you change your server name. For further discussion please private message rather than posting here. Thanks!
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By WinggedPhantom
#192830 Just Started playing today . So Far it's great . Pokémon are everywhere no running for 20 minutes and finding nothing . Lots of poke loot hidden all over . I already found a masterball . Lag isn't that bad . Great server so far!
By Pokemeeester
#192849 This is an epic server with a great community and really maximizes the pixelmon mod to it's full extension. It's easy to play and get started and allows people to do things they wouldn't be able to do ANYWHERE else. If your not already on this server come on now because I can't even explain what your missing out on.
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By Dracontos
#192882 Just started playing a couple of hours ago, and my goodness. I immediately not only get my favorite starter shiny, but after tping, i find 3 wild charmanders. This server is awesome! The player base is extremely friendly as well! I'm gonna be sticking around for a while
By mari115
#192907 This is the best pixelmon server i have ever been to. It's full of awesome people, the staff is friendly and wiling to help everyone for every issue. The spawn rate is so amazing that every time you turn around you see new pokemon! can't wait to catch them all!!! :D
i suggest this server for the new players and for the old ones that want to try amazing experience in this amazing world :)