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By llBlackHeartll
#193024 What can I say? I have been playing Pixelmon for years. Never did find a server that I wanted to stay at and invest real money into via a donation. Usually the in-game economy is ruined after a couple days. However, that is not the case with this server. the economy is incredibly well balanced. In fact, any issue found within the server is managed immediately! The owner is very friendly and active, as well as the rest of the staff. They even helped me out at the beginning when I was struggling. Built me a house and gifted me a flying pixelmon so I could get around easier! All of the staple plugins are here on this server including wondertrade:) The spawn rate is at a very good spot as well. No more waiting for 50 ratata to despawn so the pixelmon you want can spawn. Overall I would rate this server a perfect 10! Did I mention that the staff like to give away masterballs? :)
By ghostblitz
#193062 Great server! I love the survival aspect but I also enjoy how you can buy from the shop! The staff is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They are chosen well and they are some of the best staff I've ever seen. All in all this server is the best!
By GetNerfed
#193091 When I first joined this server I was a bit nervous just because there actually was a decent amount of people on it, and I'd prefer to play on way smaller servers this would be the second one I play on with 30+ players daily, and this is the best Pixelmon server I actually have played on, very nice staff, players don't randomly spew out slurs and nasty remarks, reasonable rules, and they're constantly adding new things to keep the players loving the server and entertained, so I'm glad I found this server and hope it keeps going.
By Eric94
#193174 As a long time Pixelmon player, I have been in search of a good server. After many attempts to try servers and to no avail, I stumbled upon PixelmonRealms. The second I entered the server I was greeted with warm welcomes from the community and staff alike. Over the past few days I have interacted with many of the regular members and they are cheerful and willing to cooperate. I luckily got to interact with the staff on a regular basis and they are amazing to say the least. They have helped with every problem from tiny to big and resolved them swiftly. But the biggest impact the staff made on me was their ability to have fun and respect their players. They find a balance in discipline and reinforcing the rules which I found is imporant in a game like this.
In conclusion, this server is young in comparison to others but it has so much promise and I have no doubt it'll continue to thrive. I will be here with them to enjoy that journey. If you are looking for a server to try out that's got a nice and active community, as well as having a balanced economy/pokemon rates, then you have to try PixelmonRealms, you won't regret it! See you on the server soon!
By dubbled22
#193237 Where do i start with this server... Well all the staff are just so genuine, they are just really nice and helpful. there is without doubt atleast 1 member of staff on, the two owners, wow they have done a wicked job on setting up the server and choosing their staff wisely, All the players that join and are so nice and friendly, also i haven't mentioned that there is next to no lag at all in the server its so smooth i've never witnessed a crash, i don't hope so either, the legendary spawns are amazing and nothing over powering , After flicking through server apon server i have finally found a decent pixelmon server to play on, over the past weeks i have made so many new friends through their dedicated discord server, that too is well moderated, nice clean chat for all ages, all in all i am going to give this a solid 10/10. Honestly jump in and have some fun with everyone.
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By RivaHakushia
#193296 Absolutely Love it!

The staff here are friendly and easy to get along with if you have any issues in game for any reason, The community is also nice to play with, I really enjoy the set up of the Shrines here as it gives everyone a change to obtain a Legendary Bird without fuss over who has what shrine. The pokemon Spawn rate is awesome, never a day where you do not see pokemon spawning in, The economy is set up very nicely, not over priced or too under priced which works really well. Over all this Server is very enjoyable and I would recommend this to all of my Friends and everyone to come try it out and join :D