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By DarkWolfSlo
#194487 This server is awesome anyone who stumbles across this you should check this server out
Ghouly A.K.A The Owner puts ALOT of effort into his server to make it as good as possible
i recommend this server for any Pixelmoner out there !!!
By RobinTactician
#194489 Ever since I joined this server, I've had lots of fun. The owner of the server genuinely wants to make the server best it can be. In addition to its dedicated owner, I believe that this server has a wonderful community full of good times. Overall, I have not had this much fun playing Pixelmon in quite a while.
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By Fernirs
#194493 Hello,
I found this server a few days ago and my experience with it has been nothing but great.
Okay the server had a slow start, but it is a server, what did you expect? Staff never cease to amaze me, very helpful and great at fixing problems that the server had + they keep contact and inform you of what they are doing during maintenance or what they are going to implement and etc... i've met lots of new people all very helpful and now friends of me. The server has a great community and the server can only rise higher. See you in game!

With love and respect, Crysthalica. (My in game name).
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By Skullking210
#194557 Large spread out spawn.
Access to /rtp is nice.
Presentation and builds are nice.
Wild Pokemon can challenge you so beware of that.
Rules were a little hard to initially find because they are behind the player when they spawn in, and chances are a player is going to walk straight.
Plenty of gameplay hints to be found like "how to use elevators" making it a very new player friendly server.
Ev training.
Move tutors and re learners are easily accessible.
Not many staff members yet.
Use of statues makes the spawn feel lively.
Builds are pleasant.
Going to be adding this to my favorites list to see how it develops over the bext while. :)

~Damian Castaway
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By 10w
#195376 Amazing server.
All the staff are friendly and respectful are willing to help you if you need it. The server is fairly new so not everyone has a full team of level 100 legendaries and there are tournaments weekly! The gym leaders are still being decided so theres always something to look forward to on Pokemeadows. The community on the server is amazing and the owner is actually active. I have dedicated many hours to this community and though maybe the amount of time I spend on it should be a bit lower, I just can't stop myself from playing. Just take atleast 5 minutes of time out of your day to just hop on and say hello.