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By RussianLucario
#195686 this is a horrible server and extremely rude staff that ban people for saying erectile disfunction and other scientific terms and when i asked them to give me one more chance they were so rude about it so the staff is horrible but the server itself is not its the best server ive been on so if u join the server dont talk to staff YOU MIGHT GET BANNED :mad: :mad: :mad:
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By DemonicRage
#195688 I'm sorry you feel this way Russian. Contrary to your beliefs, we had warned you countless times about saying inappropriate things in chat, yet you persisted. Please keep this in mind next time you join a server, and don't continue this. Thanks :)
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By Skullking210
#196088 I've been on long enough to deliver an official review.

So to begin, this server is pretty unique in its mechanics using "Hunter Ranks", where completing certain trials and overcoming tough battles will raise your rank. Having the maximum rank will allow you to participate at Champion Tower. Pretty neat.

They also have normal Pixelmon gameplay with gyms and Elite Four and whatnot, which is cool for those attending for the more traditional aspect.

The definition of spam seems to be lost, which is, meh.

Owner is friendly and community is generally open.

Large spawn and very large world

Doesn't restrict player exploration (As a cost, map generation happens every evening)

Players have access to /fly as their server is currently experiencing a riding bug, which will cause major lag spikes when players fly over unloaded chunks too fast. (This is a temporary thing but is still a thing)

So on the whole,
I'm going to give this server a 8.5/10 in its current state.

-Damian Castaway
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By HeadbandOG
#196751 New Custome Economy system based off of badges awarded from npc's battles, tournaments, and events.

Rewards include turning in badges for legendary pokemon, items, nature and growth changes!

These rewards are available immediately once specific amount of badges is turned in.
More rewards will be added every week!