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By GlitchyShadowZ
#197809 This server. I have no words for it. I join, I see starters lined up like the actual pokemon games. Then I look to my right. There's an npc, So I click it; It has quests!

This server is really good, It's not like any other server really, It's very unique and has a good staff team from what I've seen so far. They deserve waaay more players though, as currently the community isn't as big as it should be, it deserves alot. more. players. I'm having alot of fun playing!

You, who is reading this, should join too! ;)
By ScardySmile
#197811 I joined the server out of curiosity because It said there were dungeons witch I have never seen in a pixelmon server and when I join I started to notice all the amazing lil details and effort put into the server :D. So far the server is great and the staff are awesome :P I look forward to playin on this server a lot more ;).
By Khadgar
#197846 i love the server it has quest so u keep active and u got a goal to achieve
the only down side is that i cant find anyting to sell my items so i cant get money[size=85] :P
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By spinomaster17
#197874 I have been playing pixlemon when it first came out, and I have been on many servers that has came and gone. But this one has to been the best I have ever played on. The community is very helpful, and polite. The staff help anyone that needs it and are very experience. Overall I would give this a 5/5 stars on a scale rating staff/player interaction, server content, and over enjoyment on the server. Thanks for all your hard work putting this epic server together.