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  • Don't even bother to advertise your server here if you take the ads off our downloads on your website or use modpacks. We have no interest in servers that don't want us supported/have no respect.
  • Don't make more than one post about the same server. Players will join, so don't advertise it on a lot of posts.
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  • Don't caps lock. The only attention it'll get you is that of the forum moderators.
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  • Stick to the rules, and have fun playing!
#195253 Server IP:
Player gyms: fight other members for badges
Griefprevention: make claim areas to protect your house from no good griefers
Wondertrade: trade one of your pokemon for a random pokemon from a pool
One shiny of choice: bring your pokemon that you want shiny to the owner or admin and we will make it shiny
Homes: set your home so you don't forget where you live
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