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By LimitlessMc
Welcome to the world of Limitless Minecraft!

Website & forums:, Discord: Limitlessmc
Server IP:

LimitlessMc is medium sized community server that focuses on intermixing pixelmon and minecraft game-play. We believe that building, mining, and surviving should be apart of the pixelmon multi player experience.

We have a mature, friendly, and active community, weekly events and Tournaments, Challenging Gyms, Badges, and Ranks for you to strive to achieve.

We work hard to bring our players the best experience we can. If you enjoy competitive battling, building cool things, collecting pokemon, and battling gym leaders then come check us out.

Server plugins/features:
  • Player run gyms
  • Trainer market
  • Guilds (groups/towns)
  • Teams (coming soon!)
  • Server hosted events on weekends
  • Other custom features and more added each week.

- LimitlessMc staff.
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By LimitlessMc
#195998 The server is now running pixelmon version 5.0.2!
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