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By DaSpud
#195986 Image

Using Pixelmon 5.0.2 on Minecraft 1.10.2 We bring you the official Coolax Pixelmon !!!
IP -

Website -
Discord -

Features :

Survival - Normal difficulty, meaning hunger does get used up and fall damage is enabled so watch out! Although no need to worry about fire spreading or loosing your items on death, you keep your items and XP and fire will not spread to your well made houses.

Gyms - Currently we have 9 player owned gyms and using the AGP gym / badge system makes it much more fun to climb your way through them to reach the elite 4! Is that not enough? well we are looking to find the best trainer on the server so why not try to beat "The Champion" this title will go to whoever beats the prior champion and so on. The winner stays the champion and will get a custom "Champion" rank with its own perks.

Claiming - We all love building, its the heart of Minecraft and we agree that your buildings need to be kept safe from all the faction players out there that love to steal your loot. So we have the Polis plug in that allows you to claim, invite friends and build as much as you like being free from worry! But remember if your do not claim, it can be taken!

Voting - Voting is always lovely, voting for free and earning the few goodies that are listed, but we take that to a new level of surprise! When voting on the 5 voting sites you will receive a heat badge for each vote, and with that heat badge you will be able to unlock 1 of 8 LootChests! These chests hold mystery items from a Fossil to a Masterball or a Nether Star to an Elytra!

Wondertrade - Everyone loves trading in an older pokemon that wants to be set free, then get given a new and improved random pokemon! so we have added the well-known wondertrade add on for your pleasure!

Staff - We are a network of growing servers where all the staff is friendly but we can garentee that all the dedicated Pixelmon staff are by far, the more respectful and kindest bunch there is!

Donations - Donations are accepted and all donation perks are available on the website with different ranks or extras that will be able to use in game.Remember that does not make it pay to win as we base our extras on cosmetics and things that would benefit you in a fair and understandable way. (Disclaimer, we do use the Pixelmon mod so make sure you know that this could not be possible without their amazing mod! and as we did not create it please give them a big thanks too!!!)

Extras - For everyone that would like to join us, but had a few questions about what is disabled or enabled, i hope to answer this here:
Client mods are allowed BUT no X-Ray or Minimaps that show individual mobs (Maps that show 1 color dot for all entities are allowed).
Breeding, Cloning and Riding without a TM are all enabled with an added bonus of getting legendaries in Ditto and Ditto made eggs!

Anything you think i may have missed, please let me know!
- Da_Spud Manager of The Coolax Gaming Network