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By Xenoyia
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xP// Gaming is a friendly gaming community that has been running for nearly 8 years, going through various games and servers over time. This server, xP// Pixelmon, marks our very first Pixelmon server and our first modded server in general. Please note that we are not necessarily a child-friendly server -- cussing is allowed (though flaming is not!), and you should expect the occasional crude joke.


We currently run Pixelmon, and we're aiming for a Pokémon-style progression with 16 NPC gyms (+3 special gyms!), an Elite Four and a whole slew of side locations. We intend to offer a fair and balanced challenge, making shinies and legendaries actually matter -- don't expect to get them given to you on a silver platter! If you think that sounds fun and you want a true Pokémon experience, this server is for you!

As well as running Pixelmon, we also run Nations - a plugin similar to things like Towny and Factions that allows you to protect areas and create your very own towns and cities. These can then be joined by other players, which makes working together much easier. We have plans for making gyms something that nation owners can buy, but we haven't quite worked out the details yet. Stay tuned, there!

We're also aiming for a mostly player-run economy, with two separate currencies - Pixelmon's own PokéDollars, and Coins. PokéDollars are gained from trainer battles, and allow you to buy items from traders and villagers. Coins pay for nations, and also let you buy certain nice-to-haves from the Spawn shops. You can also sell some items here, with a lot more available by just holding them and typing /sell!

When it comes to permissions, everybody is pretty much equal. There are no special paid perks (apart from a fancy green name and our undying gratitude), and even the owners will never spawn in money or items for personal use. Again, we're going for a uniformly fair experience here. Fun for all involved!


Point your Minecraft installation here:
To join, you will need:
(use the gear icon in the top right of the launcher to assign at least 3GB of RAM, it will help!)

We hope to see you soon!


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By BabyBones
#196659 After playing on here for a while, I have decided to grace this server with a review.

Normally when you join a server, you get shiny starters and there's pay-to-win bullshit everywhere. Not here.

No shiny starters. There are 3 custom starters, which are Riolu, Eevee, and Ralts. All you get for donating is a special title and nothing else.

The server has 13 gyms, with more on the way, as well as player gyms being worked on. The server also has legendaries spawning naturally in the wild, so that you can get them the way the devs intended you to get them, instead of paying an entire day's paycheck on one legendary.

The admins are cool and down-to-earth. They don't have a god complex or anything, and when not working on the server or improving it they play normally like a regular player.

Overall, i'll give it a 7.8/10. It doesn't have much ocean.
By xPDanny
#196661 xP// Pixelmon Nations gives you the feel of actual Pokemon, meaning it's not extremely easy like every other pixelmon server. It has a challenge to it, which also makes it extremely fun. The community is like a second family, and the admins are fun, friendly, and non-abusive. Join this server for an amazing experience you wont get on other servers ;)