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By Lynel
#196750 Nebura Pixelmon * 5.0.3
Server IP:


*Survival- Build and design masterpieces! KeepInventory is enabled.
*Gym Leaders- Player run gyms, thanks to AnDwHaT5's AGP
*Daily Events- Daily scheduled events /warp events for more information!
*Wondertrade- Try your luck with wondertrade!
*GTS - Buy and sell pokemon using /gts!
*Crate Keys - Voting crates, Item crates, Shiny crates and Legendary crates!
*FREE Ranks- Claim your free rank on our website!
*Pokeheal/PC - /pokeheal and /pc for everyone after you claim your FREE rank!
*PokeParticles- Add particles to your favorite pokemon!
*Voting- Unique voting rewards!
*Friendly- Our community will welcome you with open arms!

What are you waiting for?
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By CurtisPlayz
#196761 The server is great with its mechanics and has amazing staff, mechanics, and all-in-all activity. This server is amazing and i give it a 10/10 would join again. Everyone should join the server and help its community grow. This is my favorite server to play on above any others and it is one of the only servers on my list.
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By Ishrion
#196767 Nebura is an amazing server. It's nothing like any other server out there. It contains amazing staff who are there to help you in any situation. The server gives you an amazing play experience, along with a friendly and welcoming community. Along with these great qualities, Nebura also gives you some things that some other servers don't. Everyone gets free /pheal(pokeheal) /ivs and /evs. Once you've played a certain amount of time, you get a FREE rankup to +. With + you unlock /pc along with other great things! Try out this fantastic server!
By Grekul
#196769 Very great server. The staff is very helpful and the owner is very nice. I really enjoy smaller servers and this server is small but not dead so i would recommend this to anyone looking for a server that several people are on but not too many to the point were it is chaos.
9.5/10 stars if i were to rate this in stars.
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By SpartanFlame75
#196774 This server is actually one of the best Pixelmon servers I've played in a while. The server itself has amazing staff that are always willing to help people. Then there's the server itself, with an amazing survival world, and amazing plugins like GTS and crates. This is one of the more servers deserving more good players. If your looking for a good Pixelmon server to play on, I highly recommend this server for anyone that likes it.
By DSGuy2003
#196802 While this is my first server for pixelmon, it has been a blast so far. Plenty of regulars to chat up with, events too. The in-game shops are nicely priced, but you can still make some things on your own too. Looking forward to the gyms and always fun to see the changes as they progress. 9/10!
By Jauq2129
#196825 Overall, I genuinely enjoy the Nebura server. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the community is welcoming and always willing to help. The only issue I experience is the minor lag that occurs from time to time, but other than that, the server is very well organized and made.