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By TheCryaoticTaco
#196884 I've have played Pixelmon for a while now, but I've never seen a server like this one. I can't wait to try out the GTS and I'm so ready to try the gyms. Overall I don't really play much of survival Pixelmon, but it seems that I'm really gonna enjoy this server.
By zZKillerzZ
#197034 this is an amazing server
there are amazing people to help you out
the people are great
just one thing can you do like a 1 or 2 hour legendary spawn rate that is what ill think would make it better
ps and pls make a spawn location for all the hms that will help out thx
By moonlightreaper
#197213 So i have just started on this server but so far im having a great experience the lag on this server is small but still present as for the staff i havent had the time to enjoy a conversation with them the only thing i would like is if it would be possible to obtain more claim blocks faster.
By Etuw
#197254 MC: Etuw
Pixelmonmod username: Etuw

You guys are doing great at making a fun experience. My only suggestions would to get the gyms up or have tourneys while they are down for people to have something to do. Additionally i think it would be cool to see a casino or minigame plaza for when some people get bored of building or hunting. Overall great job and great server!