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By Predeator2000
#197771 Pixelmon Galaxy is an amazing Pixelmon server: the staff and players are very friendly and always willing to help. The ideas are some of which I have never seen before battletower? AMAZING IDEA why didn't any other servers think of this that is the question. I will definitely be playing on this Pixelmon server from now on.
By SSBZack
#197783 This server has a very friendly comunity and they help you if you need it.

This server spawns legendarys very often so theres a gigantic chance for you to get an legendary your first hour or so. In the end i must say that the owners a very freindly and will always help you. <3<3<3<3

Mc Name: SSB_Zack
By MattizLovesPokemon
#197876 IGN: Mattiz_10
I just got back to playing pixelmon after a long break, and after hours of testing different servers I finally found Pixelmon galaxy! :-D The community is great and the staff are very good at doing their job. When you have some problems, they come to the rescue! I've joined them recently but am already impressed of their social community and their great work.
User avatar
By KermitThyFrog
#197903 Server is good on balancing kits and crates but, legends spawn pretty often taking away their value on the server. Other than the legend issue the server is well rounded with a good player base to work with and battle against. I have found a few bugs but the server over all keeps a stable output with few spikes every few minutes. 7/10
By McSoccer24
#197909 Hello everyone, it's McSoccer24 here and although I've only been playing on the server for just over a day I have to say that it is by far one of the best servers out there. My favorite features are the infinite world as well as having the haunted towers spawn in the world. I kept searching on all these big servers for a server that had these specifications and I couldn't find them so that is why I think this server trumps the bigger servers!
By McMordax
#197926 I love Pixelmon galaxy for a few reasons. I love the community as well as the spawn rates. I love that the sever also has haunted towers. Only a few have haunted towers. The lag is an issue but fixable and defiantly bearable with how fun the server is.
By Jaackla
#197960 IGN: Jaackla
I recommend trying this server out if you are debating to or not because within 10 minutes of joining you will love your time on the server. Staff and players are all friendly it is really a good community on this server. There is always people online so your never be playing alone and there is always a staff member online if you need any help. The server is very well run with a 24/7 uptime and no lag and great owners. You wont regret joining, Hope to see some of you on there :)
#197976 Just a heads up my review will be all positive so enjoy. Now to begin with you log into the server and you are greeted with one of the nicest staff members I've seen in a long time (For reference the staff members name is 1hi30, he is also a helper). Once I began my travels the staff informed me about the kits I was able to use at the rank you start off as, they aren't to over powered but they aren't lacking in items either, it was a good balance of both. The spawn area is a little bit small but what it lacks in size its gains in style, the spawn looks quite impressive for being the size that it is. Next is the rewards from the crates, I can't say much from the crates I opened but they seem to be well balance with the goods inside nothing too over powered. With all this info in place i would rate this server a solid 8.5/10, great server so far but spawn could be little bit bigger. You'll be seeing more of me in the server though.